Much More Than a Job

This summer, join our team and experience the most transformative 4-8 weeks of your life. So much more than just a summer job, working at a Galileo camp means joining a vibrant educational movement.

In addition to benefiting from our unwavering commitment to individualized professional development, you’ll strengthen leadership skills, work hard, and laugh even harder.

You’ll be a crucial member of a thoughtfully-formed team and others will rely on you to bring your best self to camp every day. You’ll be tinkering and creating, all the while making an indelible mark on hundreds of campers. Camp days are long but so worth the rewards. In fact, it’s not unusual for Galileo staffers to realize their own dreams while helping a camper redesign the wheels of a go-kart or performing an end-of-camp skit. Already doing what you love during the school year? Galileo can provide a renewed sense of purpose and an invaluable “toolbox,” so you can do it even better.

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Summer Staff opportunities

  • Most positions are full-time, Monday-Friday
  • Most camps run 4-8 weeks, June-August
  • Over 60 locations throughout the Bay Area, SoCal and Chicagoland
  • Ample position-specific training provided
  • Positions with shorter time commitments also available

If the perfect role isn’t apparent, don’t fret—apply once to the position and camp region you're most excited about, and we’ll work with you to find an ideal fit. Want to feel even more prepared? Check out our detailed hiring guide. If you’ve worked with Galileo before, click below to log in to your profile.

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Explore and apply to one of our summer camp staff roles below:

Hear from Camp Staff

Hear directly from our camp staff about why they choose to return year after year.



Camp Director

“I'm not kidding when I say Galileo has fundamentally changed the course of my life, not just once, but many times. It made me realize I could work & play with kids as a career and it let me shine in ways I didn't know existed within."



Lead Art Instructor

“I learned so much about myself that first year - most importantly, I realized that I love teaching. What Galileo offered me was a different way I could be a teacher, and a drive to bring the values of Galileo to my future students.”



Team Leader

“From the thoughtful questions that are asked by my campers, to the constant encouragement from my fellow staff members, Camp Galileo has inspired me to be courageous and determined. Overall, I have been inspired to be a better leader.”



Camp Director

“Galileo Camp Directors all experience the same sort of things, yet each one of us has such a different background, vision, staff and campers, that we all also experience it so differently. It has been such a great experience learning and growing with (and because of) Galileo.”

A Day in the Life

View what a typical week is like for Galileo camp staff and watch videos from camp.


Want to dig in and learn more about Galileo? See how we’re bringing our brand of fearless innovation to a wider audience of kids, and hear what our partners say about working with Galileo summer staff. You can also join our jobs mailing list and connect with us on social media to stay up to date on Galileo job openings, company news, and events.

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