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This holiday season, get innovative with gift‑giving

Looking for creativity-boosting gifts for the kids in your life? We've got a few ideas that will help you create a holiday filled with excitement, new traditions and memories, and plenty of creativity:

  • Unstructured Play & Free Time: Kids' days are often very structured. From school to sports to activities, many children lead highly scheduled lives. While these activities are important, they often leave kids little time for free, unstructured play and the time to stretch their imaginations.
  • Space to Create: Kids need physical space to be creative. Dedicating a space just for them--where they can get messy and allow for works in progress--lets them know that you value their creativity enough that you'd set aside space specifically for it.
  • Unwrappable Presents: The holidays come with many opportunities for gift giving, and kids often receive toys that are soon forgotten. Giving your child a gift that allows them to do or create something is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Innovator's Bookshelf: Whether you are setting up a reading space, searching for books to read together, or just want to find some books that will spark your child's imagination, books are a great way to journey outside of a child's daily experience and open their eyes to the world.
  • Creating Together: What's more fun than watching your kid's imagination go wild? Letting yours go wild with them. Finding projects that you can do together can be fulfilling as a parent and show your child how much you value creativity and innovation.

Rising Pre-k - 5th grades: 

Four imagination-sparking themes—from adventures on the famous Route 66 and out in space to innovating on the move or inside the human body—all engineered to inspire.

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Rising 5th - 8th grades: 

More than 11 immersive majors—including brand new offerings rife with puzzling escapes, YouTube-ready videos and inventive breakfast bites—that encourage them to think big.

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