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Galileo Summer Quest

YouTube Producers

Project Spotlight

Collaborative Video

This week, campers will be the star of their own show with a YouTube channel they create themselves. They’ll explore a range of different video styles—DIYs, parodies and screencasts—and make their own version of each. Campers will plan a production schedule, set up their lighting and microphones and shoot their short films in HD, adding special effects as they edit.

BE COLLABORATIVE: I use my strengths to support the work of others

Daily Breakdown


Campers will focus on backgrounds and editing today. As they get hands-on experience with the cameras and tripods, they’ll focus on framing their shots and pay attention to what is in the background. Campers will stretch themselves to be courageous and jump right in to shoot their first video—a new, innovative twist on the classic YouTube challenge video.

Ask your camper: How did it feel to jump into video production today? Was it challenging to work with the equipment you’ll be using?


Campers will focus their skill building on shot types and next-level audio today. As they shoot and edit their DIY videos, they’ll keep these skills in mind—including cutting to a close-up for a detailed step and adding royalty-free background music to their productions. They’ll also practice using a visionary mindset that recognizes the importance of their own artistic voice and ultimately empowers them to take control of their set.

Ask your camper: What did you learn about shot types and next-level audio? Are you feeling more comfortable with your video production skills?


Campers will practice script writing and build their lighting skills as they practice being collaborative, working together in larger groups to shoot a parody video. They’ll have plenty of time to watch each other’s videos, giving and receiving feedback.

Ask your camper: What did you learn about lighting? What kind of lighting setups did you use for your shoot?


Campers will learn all about special effects today, as well as how to optimize titles, tags and thumbnails. They’ll be challenged to flex their determination muscles as they find four ways to take their screencast to the next level, by adding voiceover, sound effects or special effects. After shooting and editing their screencasts, campers will learn how to use the online graphics editor Pixlr to make custom thumbnails.

Ask your camper: 

Ask your camper: Were you able to build off the ideas of others today? Were other campers able to build off your ideas?


Campers will be reflective by carefully choosing their own skill focus. Today’s schedule will be flexible, with opportunities for campers to catch up or speed ahead, depending on their pace. Campers may choose to either redesign a previous video or jump into a brand new project. After shooting and editing this “choice” video, they’ll shift their focus to building a successful YouTube channel, including adding end screens with subscribe button to the end of their videos and creating custom channel art.

Ask your camper: What final video did you choose to shoot and edit today? Would you make any other additions or changes if you had another day to work on your final project?

Camp Continued

Activities and outings to build on this week's experiences

  • Invite friends or family over for a channel viewing party. Pop some popcorn, play your videos from camp, and ask your guests if they have any ideas for new videos you can create for your channel.
  • Check out the resources for creating videos, finding an audience, and growing your channel on YouTube’s Creator Hub.
  • Explore an existing passion – or try something new – at, an online community for kids to embark on challenges in art, technology, and so much more.

Galileo Innovation Approach

The Galileo Innovation Approach® (GIA) is our guiding principle. The GIA is at the core of every activity your kids do at camp, from Pre-K all the way to 8th grade. Having a Galileo Innovator’s Mindset, Process and Knowledge makes a lasting impact on the way children think, explore and create.

1. The Innovator's Mindset: How Galileo innovators approach the world

I am Visionary

I am Courageous

I am Collaborative

I am Determined

I am Reflective

2. The Innovator’s Knowledge:What Galileo innovators need to understand

Concepts and Facts

Historical Context

Skills and Techniques

Audience and Environment

3. The Innovator’s Process:How Galileo innovators innovate

Read more about the GIA