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Road Trip Adventure

Nebulas (pre-K - K)

Road Trip Adventure

Art & Engineering Along Route 66

Project Spotlight

Soda Shop Treats

This week in art, Nebulas will get a sweet start to their road trip at Doc’s Soda Fountain in Illinois, practicing color mixing as they create an ice cream playset.

BE VISIONARY: I imagine things that don't yet exist

Daily Breakdown


In Art, campers will be introduced to Doc’s Soda Fountain on Route 66. Inspired by the handmade sodas and ice cream, they’ll mix custom colors, being visionary as they imagine what unique ice cream flavors each color represents.

In Science, campers will start constructing the roads of Route 66 by attaching folded paper strips onto a large, elevated metal pan to create the longest, safest downhill marble run they can. Working in pairs, they’ll be collaborative as they take turns adding new pieces and listening to their partner’s ideas for troubleshooting.

Ask your camper: What colors and flavors did you create for your soda shop treats? How did you come up with new ideas?


In Art, campers will create two ice cream labels by reflecting on how they can arrange simple shapes to depict tasty ice cream images. Before they’re ready to serve customers at their Route 66 soda shop, they’ll add white whipped cream tissue paper and a pom pom topping to their treats.

In Science, campers will create a dump truck on a push stick that can help in the construction of Route 66. They’ll be challenged to build a truck that can carry as many boulders as possible while not losing any on the hills or turns of the road.

Ask your camper: What kind of ice cream image did you create for your labels? What materials and shapes did you use to create them?


In Art, campers will visit the Painted Desert in Arizona, flexing their determined muscles to create clear and colorful rock layers. They’ll paint their scenes with watercolor and watch as the paint slides over the pastel lines, leaving them clear and crisp.

In Science, campers will build on their paper construction skills from yesterday to make a trailer for their dump truck. Their trailer will need a hitch to attach to the truck and carry as many beams as possible.

In Outdoors, campers will get moving on a road trip scavenger hunt, completing challenges and collecting clues at stops along the way.

Ask your camper: What kinds of changes did you make to your dump truck trailer to make sure it could carry as many beams as possible after each test?


In Art, campers will study images of cacti, using their powers of being visionary to first imagine what kind of cactus they want, then pick the stamp shapes that best match that idea. After stamping out their cactus shape, they’ll use a technique called sgraffito to scratch lines into the cacti.

In Science, campers will work in pairs to tape together craft sticks onto the side of a plastic bin, creating strong guard rails that keep a rolling car from breaking through. They’ll collaborate on new taping techniques to make their rails as sturdy as possible.

Ask your camper: How did you and your partner work together to build strong guard rails? Did you change your design after testing each time?


In Art, campers will finish their trip along Route 66 with a stop at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. They’ll practice being determined to design a beachside roller coaster and ferris wheel with functional tracks and moving spokes and seats.

In Science, campers will build a LEGO® car, launching it at a wall to test its strength and see how many bricks fall off after impact. They’ll work in pairs to collaborate and think about how they can add to their partner’s ideas as they design the sturdiest car possible.

In Outdoors, campers will work with their team to balance on bridge beams and navigate around traffic cones as they zigzag through a car and driver obstacle course.

Ask your camper: What was your favorite project this week? Why?

Camp Continued

Activities and outings to build on this week's adventures

  • Spark some ideas for a Route 66-inspired cruiser with the vehicle projects from Inspiration Laboratories. Watch the video for some thoughts on reflection and redesign, then build a vehicle of your own.

  • Take to the kitchen to tackle some edible innovation as you explore recipes for your favorite diner fare. Try redesigning a recipe or making a diner-themed meal for your family.

  • Plan a road trip of your own! Collaborate with your family to choose a destination, then research the things you’d like to visit and do along the way.

  • SF Bay Area: Visit the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum in San Francisco to check out some classic cars.

  • SoCal: Visit the end of Route 66 and check out the roller coaster at the Santa Monica Pier in person.

  • Chicagoland: Take a day trip to the Volo Auto Museum for all things automobile—from classic cars to Batmobiles—and many more mechanical marvels.

Galileo Innovation Approach

The Galileo Innovation Approach® (GIA) is our guiding principle. The GIA is at the core of every activity your kids do at camp, from Pre-K all the way to 8th grade. Having a Galileo Innovator’s Mindset, Process and Knowledge makes a lasting impact on the way children think, explore and create.

1. The Innovator's mindset: How Galileo innovators approach the world

I am Visionary

I am Courageous

I am Collaborative

I am Determined

I am Reflective

2. The Innovator’s Knowledge: What Galileo innovators need to understand

Concepts and Facts

Historical Context

Skills and Techniques

Audience and Environment

3. The Innovator’s Process: How Galileo innovators innovate

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