Your Week at Camp

Galileo Summer Quest

Mod Design with Minecraft

This week, campers will hack the Minecraft code and dig into their own pixelated realities. They'll mod-ify the game to fit their vision, learning the basics of coding in Java as they create blocks, items and creatures of their own design. They’ll add objects to craft new recipes and change variables to customize their gameplay. They’ll use GIMP to give their mods realistic color and shape, then code them into digital reality with Eclipse, an industry standard in Java programming. After testing and debugging, they’ll show off their custom mods in an end-of-session showcase.

Project Spotlight


This week, campers will learn, step by step, how to develop their mod through various modules. They’ll need to be determined as they create pickaxes, create biomes, make customized monsters and an entire mod built around their own unique theme.

BE DETERMINED: I persevere until I reach my goal

Weekly Breakdown


Campers will practice being courageous by sharing ideas during a brainstorm, even if they sound wild or seem like they may not work. They’ll begin coding their swords and pickaxes, then create a custom material that can be used to craft their tools.

Ask your camper: What were some of the initial ideas for your mod theme? Which idea did you ultimately decide to use?


Campers will troubleshoot modules to further reinforce good programming practices. They’ll practice being visionary with a free association brainstorm to generate ideas, then draw and program a one-of-a-kind items for their mods (like a flaming banana sword, or a pickaxe made out of candy canes!).


Campers will implement armor, blocks, and ores, setting the stage for creating their own biomes. They’ll practice being collaborative with a gallery walk, offering their peers feedback on post-it notes, and receiving others’ feedback with an open mind.


Campers will practice being determined as they create a new in-game monster with customized artificial intelligence, using Eclipse—their programming software.

Ask your camper: What’s unique about your monster? What steps did you take to create it in Eclipse?


Campers will fine tune their work and have the opportunity to create additional modules. They’ll be reflective and critically think about their own work as they craft concrete, actionable goals for the day.

Innovation At Home

  • Explore an existing passion – or try something new – at, an online community for kids to challenge their inner Minecrafters and so much more.
  • Tackle’s Hour of Code tutorials, including Minecraft-specific puzzles.

Keep the collaboration going by finding a group of like-minded coders near you:

Galileo Innovation Approach

The Galileo Innovation Approach® (GIA) is our guiding principle. The GIA is at the core of every activity your kids do at camp, from Pre-K all the way to 8th grade. Having a Galileo Innovator’s Mindset, Process and Knowledge makes a lasting impact on the way children think, explore and create.

1. The Innovator's Mindset: How Galileo innovators approach the world

I am Visionary

I am Courageous

I am Collaborative

I am Determined

I am Reflective

2. The Innovator’s Knowledge:What Galileo innovators need to understand

Concepts and Facts

Historical Context

Skills and Techniques

Audience and Environment

3. The Innovator’s Process:How Galileo innovators innovate

Read more about the GIA