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Camp Galileo

Nebulas (Pre-K - K)

Medieval Adventure

Royal Art & Inventions of the Middle Ages

Undertake an epic quest to a land of mighty monarchs and noble knights. When Sir Boks-a-lot is magically frozen in a piece of stained glass, King Artie's court needs plenty of innovative assistance to set him free. This week, Nebulas will craft regal adornments and dragons, build powerful catapults and castles and attempt great feats of innovation in a legend of their own making.

Project Spotlight

Life Sized Castles

This week, campers will build a strong, stately, Nebula-size castle. They’ll investigate what shapes make sturdy structures, then design and strength-test a giant castle wall. Working in groups, they will experiment building different styles of walls that will be hit by a rolling battering ram. Campers will need to be collaborative as they share ideas and work together on this large-scale project.

BE COLLABORATIVE: I use my strengths to support the work of others

Weekly Breakdown


In Art, campers will create a royal pendant by imprinting fancy buttons into model magic, then painting it gold. They’ll use beads to create a symmetrical necklace for their pendant, and will practice being reflective as they make intentional choices about which buttons, beads, and jewels will create the most royal design.

In Science, campers will learn about the different parts of a catapult as they design and test two at once. They will have to be reflective to notice how the position of the throwing arm, and the shape of the basket, affect their catapult’s ability to shoot as far as possible.

In Outdoors, campers will collaborate to navigate a Horse and Knight Obstacle Course in pairs, reflecting on strategies that work best for them and their partners.


In Art, campers will begin creating dragon puppets, first imagining what kind of environment their dragon lives in. They’ll use rubber stamps and found objects to print on pieces of paper, which will become their dragon’s head, body and tail. They’ll need to be reflective and make sure they choose colors and create textures that match their dragon’s habitat so they can be as sneaky as possible.

In Science, campers will work together to build life sized walls that will withstand battering rams. They will split into groups, each building a different style of wall by stacking containers that will be hit by a rolling battering ram.

In Outdoors, campers will take turns as mighty monarchs, using a royal scepter to command the subjects of their Nebula kingdom in a series of jumping jacks, silly faces, and other visionary moves in the game Your Majesty.


In Art, campers will cut triangles out of the printed paper they created yesterday to make their dragon’s head and tail. They’ll glue these pieces onto their long printed body to complete their basic dragon form, then practice being visionary by adding features and embellishments to make their dragon one-of-a-kind.

In Science, campers will be granted a castle of their own. They will build a drawbridge with craft sticks and dowels, and reinforce it to improve their designs where they notice weak spots.

Ask your camper: What happened when you first tested your drawbridge? What did you do to make it more rigid?


In Art, campers will be inspired by medieval stained glass windows as they mod modge tissue paper squares on acetate. Before they add the tissue paper, they’ll lay down black foam strips to act as “leading lines” that break up the window pane. They’ll be reflective as they fill in the resulting shapes with tissue paper, making sure they only use one color in each shape and fill in any empty spaces.

In Science, campers will build a simple crane and then design different hooks to lift objects from the floor and into their their castle. Campers will have to be determined to improve their hook designs as they work to get increasingly heavier objects.


In Art, campers will make a foam crown and decorate it with beautiful jewels, glittery foam shapes, and sequins. They will need to be determined to create an eye-catching symmetrical design—and to make sure their decorations are secure and continue all the way around their crown.

In Science, campers will learn about medieval inventions to inspire them to add to their castle. They’ll learn how to construct hinges and axles, using this knowledge to construct improvements such as windmills, telescopes, and clocks. Campers may also attach the stained glass windows they made in Art onto their castle window.

Ask your camper: What unique additions did you build for your castle? What inspired your castle improvements?

Innovation At Home

  • Try your hand at building a DIY siege machine. Draw a target, test your fantastic flinger, and look for opportunities to redesign to make your catapult launch further, higher, or more accurately.
  • Raid the recycling bin for cardboard boxes and other building materials. Combine your resources with friends to mount a mighty defense as you engineer a kid-sized cardboard fortress.
  • Design your very own work of stained glass-inspired art to hang in your window or decorate your room.

Take a day trip to a nearby museum with a medieval art exhibit. Bring a sketchbook and some pencils or crayons to sketch your favorite work of art, or jot down inspiration for your next project.

Galileo Innovation Approach

The Galileo Innovation Approach® (GIA) is our guiding principle. The GIA is at the core of every activity your kids do at camp, from Pre-K all the way to 8th grade. Having a Galileo Innovator’s Mindset, Process and Knowledge makes a lasting impact on the way children think, explore and create.

1. The Innovator's Mindset: How Galileo innovators approach the world

I am Visionary

I am Courageous

I am Collaborative

I am Determined

I am Reflective

2. The Innovator’s Knowledge: What Galileo innovators need to understand

Concepts and Facts

Historical Context

Skills and Techniques

Audience and Environment

3. The Innovator’s Process: How Galileo innovators innovate

Read more about the GIA