Your Week at Camp

Galileo Summer Quest

Fashion Design

This week, campers will turn their style vision into runway reality. They’ll take inspiration from fashion innovators as they brainstorm ideas for their own themed collections. They’ll work on sewing machines, hone their hand-stitching skills and use patterns to create custom-fit tops from scratch. They’ll breathe new life into old garments through upcycling and consider painting their fabrics for a one-of-a-kind look. After adding pockets, ruffles, zippers, buttons, flowers or fringe to their pieces, they’ll share their mini collections of garments and accessories at an end-of-session runway show.

Project Spotlight

Tote Bag

Campers will create a tote bag to tie their fashion line theme together. They'll practice being courageous as they learn how to use a sewing machine to make a functional, fashionable bag.

BE COURAGEOUS: I stretch myself to try new things

Weekly Breakdown


Campers will share courageous ideas for a fashion theme that will tie all of their garments together. To solidify their idea, designers will form groups and design mood boards that reflect their visions. Campers will learn how to use a sewing machine to sew a tote bag, and tackle the challenge of sewing an applique.

Ask your camper: What parts of your bag were most challenging to sew? How did you overcome those challenges?


Campers will use their visionary skills to upcycle a garment brought from home. They’ll create a checklist challenge before sketching various designs to reconstruct their garments, and work to make their vision a reality by pinning their garments into shape before sewing the final redesign.


Campers will design a vest or tank top that fits in with their fashion line’s theme, modifying an existing pattern to create clothing that is tailored to their unique measurements.


Campers will use the knowledge they’ve learned in the studio, as well as inspiration from pros in the business, to create a garment from scratch. They’ll begin by setting determined goals to push themselves to reach the next level of fashion mastery. 

Ask your camper: What garment did you decide to create from scratch? Were there any setbacks you had to overcome today?


Campers will finish up their feature garments, and reflect on their fashion line to review what is and isn’t working in their designs. They’ll follow up with reflections for a vision statement that they will present during the fashion show, along with their fabulous line of work.

Innovation At Home

  • Take on an upcycling fashion design challenge. Visit a thrift store with a set budget, then get snipping, stitching, and hemming to create a brand-new look.
  • Check out advanced sewing techniques and patterns at, or add to your fashion line at
  • BAY AREA: Visit the Costume and Textile Arts collection at the de Young Museum in San Francisco or online to draw inspiration for your next line.
  • SOCAL: Visit LA’s Fashion District, including the FIDM Museum, to draw inspiration for your next line.

Galileo Innovation Approach

The Galileo Innovation Approach® (GIA) is our guiding principle. The GIA is at the core of every activity your kids do at camp, from Pre-K all the way to 8th grade. Having a Galileo Innovator’s Mindset, Process and Knowledge makes a lasting impact on the way children think, explore and create.

1. The Innovator's mindset: how Galileo innovators approach the world

I am Visionary

I am Courageous

I am Collaborative

I am Determined

I am Reflective

2. The Innovator’s Knowledge:What Galileo innovators need to understand

Concepts and Facts

Historical Context

Skills and Techniques

Audience and Environment

3. The Innovator’s Process:How Galileo innovators innovate

Read more about the GIA