Summer Camps @ The Tech: Best Technology & Coding Summer Programs For Kids in the SF Bay Area

Is your kid most at home in front of the computer? Are you consistently surprised by their digital creations and abilities? Do your kids live for coding, programming and other forms of digital design? If this sounds familiar, then a technology summer camp program may be the perfect fit for your kids, providing them with a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, innovate, and connect with like-minded campers. Galileo’s Summer Camps @ The Tech program offers lots of different options for tech-savvy kids in the San Francisco Bay Area, from soon-to-be 4th graders through the incoming 8th grade class. Hosted at and in collaboration with The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA, this program will be a highlight of your kid’s summer.

What’s Offered at Technology and Coding Summer Camp Programs?

Recent years have seen a major jump in the number of STEAM summer camp program offerings, particularly in the SF Bay Area as the region has evolved into a global technology hub. Of course, each program is unique, with different areas of emphasis, ranging from traditional sciences like chemistry and biology to engineering, math and technology such as coding and programming. At Galileo, our full-time team of educators works year-round to create a curriculum that blends physical activity, collaboration, art and creativity with learning and innovation.

Testing an Oculus Rift at Summer Camps @ The Tech.Our @ The Tech technology summer camps are unique since kids get to enjoy lots of opportunities and learning experiences that wouldn’t be available outside of the museum environment. Our campers can choose to explore a wide variety of different subjects during their week-long camp session. And kids who enroll in multiple weeks can register knowing they’ll be able to take different courses and enjoy a totally different experience each and every time.  

Galileo’s camp programs may involve shorter one- or two-day projects and experiments, while others span the entire week-long session. The latter is more common for these older age groups, whereas younger elementary school age kids tend to be best-suited to shorter project durations.

As a parent, you’ll want to consider how well the nature of a specific camp session’s curriculum aligns with your kids’ interests. We’ve found that this is critical in finding the ideal tech and coding camp to suit a child’s preferences. There’s really something for every camper @ The Tech, as Galileo Camps have developed classes in lots of different areas. Gamers are sure to love our 3D Video Game Design program, while kids who enjoy emerging technology are certain to enjoy our courses on augmented reality and virtual reality. These classes delve into new cutting-edge tech, such as Google Cardboard and AR design.

If your kid is an up-and-coming coding whiz, then you’re in luck because Galileo is offering courses for techsters who are ready to discover the fundamentals of iOS app development with Swift or programming with Javascript and Python.

Regardless of which program your kids prefer, they’ll enjoy an engaging, transformative experience. In fact, lots of Galileo parents have marveled at the change in their child’s approach to learning and problem-solving. That’s because our tech summer camp program is more than just a STEAM camp; Galileo is also an innovation camp that teaches kids how to transform an idea into reality while growing and improving along the way. Campers also experience a shift in the way that they view “mistakes,” which are regarded as a positive opportunity to learn and advance in the innovation process. You may very well find that this technology summer camp experience cultivates a newfound passion for learning that continues long after our program concludes.


Summer Camps @ The Tech Technology Offerings for 2018

3D Video Game Design

Full-day class
Revamped for 2018 - Design, play and share your own virtual 3-D games using game design platform, Unreal Engine. Mold terrain, set camera angles, adjust lighting, populate objects and program behaviors as you create an exciting, original platforming game within a 3-D world.

Augmented Reality (New in 2018)

Full-day class
Give everyday reality an imaginative boost in the ultimate 21st-century design class. Use smart devices and the latest AR software to create digital characters and imagery that integrate with real-world elements. Hone your skills as you design your own unique, interactive AR game or experience.

Code Fundamentals

Learn the basics of programming from the ground up. Unravel the mysteries of variables, loops and conditional statements to design your own interactive games and graphics within Scratch. Put your newfound knowledge to the test with an introduction to Java.

Code Masters: Python or Javascript +

Grades 6 – 8 only, full-day class
Take your programming skills to the next level with this full-day coding experience. Learn universal coding concepts such as data structures, algorithms and run time complexity as you write code to solve real-world problems. Classes available in Python and Javascript, offered separately.

iOS App Development with Swift

Find out what it takes to become a registered developer as you design an app for Apple mobile devices. Learn the basics of Xcode and the programming language Swift, then collaborate with your team to create a ready to go iOS app. (Also offered: iOS App Development with Swift - Girls Only)

Virtual Reality

Plug into an immersive reality of your own design. Uncover the possibilities of Google Cardboard as you build a virtual reality viewer, then use an experimental VR toolkit and Unity 3D to design your own enveloping, interactive worlds on a mobile device.

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+We strongly recommend campers take the beginning version at Summer Camps @ The Tech or have previous experience with the subject area before registering for our full-day Masters classes.

How to Find the Best Technology Summer Camp for Your Kids

Tech campers show off new website.There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for summer camp, so it’s vital that you find a program that will really interest and engage your child. After all, summer is a time for fun and adventures! Remember that your personal preference may not necessarily align with what your kid’s view as the ideal camp experience. A future Olympian, a science lover, and a tech enthusiast are going to have very different ideas of what’s fun and engaging, so make your kids an active part of the camp selection process.

At Galileo’s Summer Camps @ The Tech, we really offer something for nearly everyone, whether your kid is an artist who loves to create and invent, a science enthusiast, an engineer-in-the-making or a fan of gaming, coding and development technology.

Our programs span a few different areas, including:

At Galileo, it’s our mission is to deliver a fun, dynamic camp experience that lets your child develop their inner-innovator. Innovators leverage strategy and critical thinking when confronted with a challenge, while learning from—and even embracing—mistakes and missteps. In addition to our @ The Tech sessions, we’re also offering a host of other summer camp offerings for pre-k through 5th grade with Camp Galileo, and Galileo Summer Quest, which is designed for kids who are heading into the 5th grade through the 8th grade. Notably, entering 5th graders can pick the program that best suits their needs.

Registration for our new camp season is now underway. Many programs book up quickly, so we recommend that families register as soon as possible. Also, take a moment to sign-up for our e-newsletter to get updates and information on new camp program offerings, news, and more.