Summer Camps @ The Tech: Best Engineering & Tinkering Summer Classes For Kids in SF

Summer Camps @ The Tech

Are your kids obsessed with tinkering and engineering? Do they spout off neverending ideas for new gadgets, gizmos, and other inventions? Are they constantly building complex Lego kits? Do they, instead of stopping after the Lego creation has been assembled according to the instructions, keep building and actually improve upon the original design in a manner that enhances stability and improves functionality?  

For kids who are builders and makers at heart, engineering and tinkering summer camps can serve as the perfect opportunity to hone and refine these skills in a way that’s fun, engaging and exciting. That’s precisely where Galileo can help, as our Summer Camps @ The Tech program includes a wide range of summer camp classes for kids who love to build and create.

What Do Kids Do at Tinkering and Engineering Summer Camps?

At Summer Camps @ The Tech, our kids enjoy a STEAM-based experience with a twist. In addition to exploring math, science, engineering, art and technology, our campers get a little something extra. Our programs develop an innovator’s mindset; that is, a mindset whereby “mistakes” serve as positive learning experiences and where goals and plans are ruled by logic and strategy. It’s an approach that can be quite transformative for our campers. In fact, lots of our camper’s parents share with us their surprise and delight at how dramatically and positively our summer camp programs impacted their children. This is particularly true for kids who love to engineer and invent, as there’s lots to be gained from a strategic approach to creation and building. 

Summer Camps @ The Tech campers tinkering with arduino components.For San Francisco Bay Area campers who are entering the 4th through the 8th grades, Summer Camps @ The Tech is a unique STEAM summer camp program that can help budding engineers hone their talents and skills. These programs are made possible thanks to our partnership with The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA. Here, campers can register for part-day or full-day sessions, with each session being one week in length. Kids even get to plan their own schedules, opting for one or two classes per week. Parents also have the option of extended care in the mornings or afternoons.

Whether your kid loves to build or construct or has a need for speed, there’s a program for everyone, from Arduino-Bots to Coasters and Contraptions. Campers can also choose from other topics, such as Circuits and Electronics or Biotech: Active Accessories. All that’s required is a desire to engineer and tinker. No matter which subject they choose to explore, kids emerge from their Summer Camps @ The Tech experience with a new sense of enthusiasm for learning, building, and discovery.


Tinkering and Engineering Summer Camp Programs for 2018


Engineer your way into the maker movement with Arduino C++. Program motors and ultrasonic sensors, wire breadboards and master electronic prototyping. Learn the ins and outs of artificial intelligence as you code a microcontroller to power your own self-driving, maze-solving robot. (Also offered: Arduino-Bots - Girls Only)

Biotech: Active Accessories

Get wired into the world of fitness technology. Explore how tech interacts with health and the human body, combining the principles of anatomy, physiology and coding to create your own wearable fitness tracking device.

Circuits and Electronics

Dive into the electrifying world of circuitry. Learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering, decipher schematic diagrams and build working circuits. Harness your creativity as you dismantle computer parts and prototype new electronic devices. (Also offered: Circuits and Electronics - Girls Only)

Coasters and Contraptions

Launch yourself into the thrilling world of physics as you uncover the twists and tricks behind roller coasters and Rube Goldberg machines. Work with a team of your fellow engineers to design, tinker and set off a complex chain reaction of chaos and fun.

Inventor's Workshop

Let your imagination take the lead in the ultimate design challenge. Dream up and design your ideas, then work with a team to combine creative materials, disassemble devices and repurpose the pieces to prototype ingenious new inventions.

Lego Robotics

This program has been totally revamped for 2018. As a camper, you will create and command your own Lego-powered robot. Use Technic pieces for building and Mindstorm EV3 software for programming as you teach your robot to maneuver through obstacles, compete in a mini Olympic Games and battle other bots.

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Choosing the Best Tinkering and Engineering Summer Camp for Kids

At Galileo, we host summer camp sessions that are designed around a particular theme or subject. Therefore, it’s critical that you take the time to understand and consider your child’s interests and preferences (and how well those interests align with the camp experience that you’ve selected). Galileo’s Summer Camps @ The Tech also offers programs in three additional areas: 

Tinkering with a contraption wall at Summer Camps @ The Tech.At Galileo, we take great pride in our unique quest: to instill an innovator’s mindset that gives kids the ability to use strategy and critical thinking when confronting an obstacle. The Galileo Innovation Approach, inspired by the innovation process developed at the Stanford, is the way we help our campers envision and create a better world. Kids learn to analyze what did and did not work successfully in a project or experiment, make improvements, retest and ultimately come away with a better product or idea than they ever imagined before. The innovator’s mindset can truly transform the way in which your kids view the world. 

Summer camp registration for Summer Camps @ The Tech, Camp Galileo, and Galileo Summer Quest programs is now underway. We recommend that families register as soon as possible to ensure that your kids get into their first choice program. We also encourage parents to sign up for our mailing list, which is your source for info on new camp program offerings, news, and updates.