Summer Camps @ The Tech: Best Art, Design & Animation Summer Classes for Kids in the SF Bay Area

Summer Camps @ The Tech

Is your kid a true creative? Are they constantly coming up with new ideas for art projects, websites, or inventions? Are you wondering how you can help nurture this curiosity and excitement in your child this summer? For many years, there was a stark division between science and technology-themed camps and art-based summer camp programs. But technological advances have blurred these lines, as kids are no longer forced to choose between science, technology and art. Today’s world of science and technology offers some incredible opportunities for the visual arts and design. These creative disciplines have become an integral component and more and more opportunities for rich exploration are emerging. 

If creative confidence is something you value and want to help nurture in your child, then Galileo’s art, design and animation summer camp program can offer some wonderful opportunities for exploration, innovation, and discovery. San Francisco Bay Area kids who are entering 4th through 8th grade can connect with like-minded campers at Summer Camps @ The Tech, hosted by The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA in a summer program that will let their creativity take flight.

What’s Involved With a Design and Art Summer Camp Program?

We’ve created a camp experience that goes beyond the traditional STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) summer camp program. Our program is an innovation camp, and we place tremendous focus on the creative process—that is, the process of conceiving an idea, developing a strategy, implementing that strategy, and then reflecting upon the creative experience to learn from any mistakes and to determine how the project could be improved or adapted. Kids emerge from the art and design summer camp program at Summer Camps @ The Tech with a whole new mindset, one where “mistakes” are a very positive learning experience that leads to new growth. 

Galileo employs a full-time team of educators who work throughout the year to craft a one-of-a-kind curriculum that combines museum exploration and hands-on exhibits with collaboration, art, creativity, technology, engineering, and socialization. We’ve partnered with The Tech Museum of Innovation to offer our unique summer camp program, which provides kids a chance to enjoy some incredible experiences that aren’t usually found in a typical summer camp environment. In fact, kids can choose from a variety of different subjects to explore in a week-long camp session. Campers who opt to register for multiple weeks enjoy a totally different experience each week since they get to build their own schedule with different classes each time. 

Camper edits film project on computer.When choosing the right art, design or animation summer camp program, it’s important for parents to carefully consider their child’s unique interests and strengths. Different summer camp programs are tailored to suit different age groups. We encourage families to make the camp program selection process a collaborative one, whereby the parents and kids work together to pick out a subject that the camper is going to find really engaging and enjoyable. Kids who are constantly snapping selfies and photos on their mobile devices may be particularly well-suited to our photography studio course, whereas kids who love to develop stories and characters are sure to love our camp programs in 3-D animation and film creation. 

Galileo also offers a number of more technologically-intensive summer camp programs. including 3-D video game design, augmented reality, programming and coding, and virtual reality. For the aspiring engineer or inventor, Summer Camps @ The Tech also includes courses on Lego robotics, coasters and contraptions and even an invention workshop. And we haven’t forgotten about those science buffs, as we’ll be hosting a variety of science summer camp sessions at the museum, where kids can explore everything from veterinary medicine and zoology to chemistry and forensic science. Whatever program your kids prefer, they’re certain to embark upon an incredible summer adventure with Summer Camps @ The Tech, powered by Galileo.


Art & Design Summer Camp Offerings for 2018

3D Animation Studios

Full-day class
Breathe life into your wildest imaginary characters, environments and special effects in this full-day class. Using industry standard animation software Maya 3D from Autodesk, create 3-D rendered models to star in your own films, video games or graphic designs.

Hollywood Producer: Movie Magic

Bring your Hollywood vision to life on the big screen. Work with your production team, using digital cameras and iMovie to transform the elements of your movie masterpiece—plot, direction, editing and more—into a blockbuster hit in a genre of your choosing.

Photography Studio

Revamped for 2018 - Step up your selfie game and master the art of taking like-worthy photos. Get behind (and in front of) the lens of a digital SLR camera, honing your artistic eye and fine-tuning technical elements like aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. Edit your best images with Adobe Lightroom to make them an Insta-success.

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How to Find the Best Design & Art Summer Camp for Your Kids

Summer Camps @ The Tech - Filming and PhotographyAt Galileo, we’re on a mission to deliver a dynamic and engaging summer camp experience that lets your child reach their full potential, whether they’re into math and science, engineering, art and design, or computers and technology. Summer Camps @ The Tech truly offers something for nearly everyone, from the kid who is constantly imagining how to bring new ideas to life via art and film, to the pre-teen who dreams of writing code that can change the way the world works.

Our campers are transformed into innovators who learn how to leverage strategy, critical thinking and reflection during the learning and creative process. In addition to Summer Camps @ The Tech, Camp Galileo, for kids in pre-K through 5th grade, and Galileo Summer Quest, which is designed for kids who are entering the 5th grade through the 8th grade, both have an array of themes and majors to choose from. Soon-to-be 5th graders can pick from either program, depending on which best meets their needs, or from our Summer Camps @ The Tech offerings.  

Registration for our 2018 art and design summer camps is now underway. But many of our programs fill up quickly, so we recommend that you register as soon as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting into your first choice program. And don’t forget to take a moment to sign up for our mailing list, as you’ll receive our camp’s latest news and updates.