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One of the Bay Area’s most prominent technology institutions wanted to create a summer camp to ignite young innovators. So they called us. We work closely with The Tech Museum of Innovation to design their camp curricula and operate their summer camps. For a slightly different spin on the Galileo experience, check out our flourishing collaboration.

Summer Camps @ The Tech

Entering 4th to 8th grades

Summer Camps @ The Tech Museum of Innovation offer both part- and full-day weeklong classes exploring everything from engineering and programming to medicine and cooking. Design your day just the way you like it—one class or two classes, extended care in the morning or afternoon, lunch—our accommodating schedule and wide range of classes make the possibilities (almost) endless.

Learn more about our classes below or explore the class schedule. 


Animal M.D.
Work with real animals as you learn the tricks of the veterinary trade. Read X-rays, identify common illnesses, practice suturing techniques and examine live specimens. Use your vet science skills to make meals and habitats designed for your favorite furry, feathery or scaly friends.

[NOTE: Animals in this class are primarily low-allergen. If you have any questions about your child’s animal allergies or aversions, please call customer service at 800-854-3684 before signing up.]

Chem Lab Creations
Unleash your inner mad scientist as you experiment with chemical compounds and surreal scientific reactions. Harness concepts like chromatography and colloidal suspension to grow crystals, engineer lava lamps and launch rockets.

CSI: The Tech 
Get inside the mind of a crime scene investigator as you use lab equipment and cyber forensics to analyze samples and track traces of evidence. You have a week to case the crime scene, uncover clues and use your powers of deduction to solve a twisty mystery at The Tech.

Junior M.D.
Advance toward a career in medicine as you make your rounds at The Tech Med School. Learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, take on real-life case studies, make practical diagnoses, dive into dissections and graduate with flying colors.

Kitchen Chemistry
Whip up a batch of delectable reactions as you explore the chemistry of cooking and baking. Learn how ingredients interact, balance chemical formulas and discover the culinary composition of delicious everyday foods like pizza and cookies.

[NOTE: Ingredients used in this class contain allergens. If your child has any food allergies, we need to know in advance. Please call customer service at 800-854-3684 before signing up.]



Code Fundamentals
Learn the basics of programming from the ground up. Unravel the mysteries of variables, loops and conditional statements to design your own interactive games and graphics within Scratch. Put your newfound knowledge to the test with an introduction to Java.

Code Masters:*+ Python or Javascript
Grades 6 – 8 only, full-day class
Take your programming skills to the next level with this full-day coding experience. Learn universal coding concepts such as data structures, algorithms and run time complexity as you write code to solve real-world problems. Classes available in Python and Javascript, offered separately.

Mobile Game Design*
Discover what makes games fun as you design and code your own Android gaming app, taking advantage of touchscreens, gyroscopes and other features exclusive to mobile devices. Walk away from camp with a custom game you can play on your smartphone or tablet. (Also offered: Mobile Game Design - Girls Only)

iOS App Development with Swift* (New in 2017)
Find out what it takes to become a registered developer as you design an app for Apple mobile devices. Learn the basics of Xcode and the programming language Swift, then collaborate with your team to create a real world-ready iOS app. (Also offered: iOS App Development with Swift - Girls Only)

Virtual Reality*
Plug into a reality of your own design. Build a virtual reality viewer from tools and scraps you can find in your garage, then use an experimental VR toolkit and Unity 3D to design your own immersive, interactive worlds on a mobile device.


Engineering and Tinkering

Get wired into the maker movement with Arduino C++. Program motors and ultrasonic sensors, wire breadboards and master electronic prototyping. Learn the ins and outs of artificial intelligence as you code a microcontroller to power your own self-driving, maze-solving robot. (Also offered: Arduino-Bots - Girls Only)

Circuits and Electronics
Dive into the electrifying world of circuitry. Learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering, decipher schematic diagrams and build working circuits. Harness your creativity as you dismantle computer parts and prototype new electronic devices. (Also offered: Circuits and Electronics - Girls Only)

Coasters and Contraptions
Launch yourself into the thrilling world of physics as you uncover the twists and tricks behind roller coasters and Rube Goldberg machines. Work with a team of your fellow engineers to design, tinker and set off a complex chain reaction of chaos and fun.

Inventor’s Workshop
Let your imagination take the lead in the ultimate design challenge. Dream up and design your ideas, then work with a team to combine creative materials, disassemble devices and repurpose the pieces to prototype ingenious new inventions.

Biotech: Active Accessories* (New in 2017)
Get wired into the world of fitness technology. Explore how technology interacts with health and the human body, combining the principles of anatomy, physiology, and coding to create your own wearable fitness tracking device.


Arts & Design

3-D Animation*
Grades 6 – 8 only, Full-day class
Bring your wildest imaginary characters, environments and special effects to life in this full-day class. Using state-of-the-art, industry standard animation software Maya 3D from Autodesk, create 3-D rendered models to star in your own films, video games or graphic designs.

3-D Printing and Digital Design* 
Grades 6 – 8 only, Full-day class
Take your designs to another dimension with cutting-edge 3-D printing technology. Learn the strategies of industrial engineers as you plan your design, model your ideas in Tinkercad and use the in-class printer to produce innovative 3-D creations.

Digital Filmmaking*
Turn your Hollywood vision into reality as you and your production team use digital cameras and iMovie to make all the pieces of your movie masterpiece—plot, direction, editing and more—come to life on the big screen.


* These classes require an additional $50 equipment fee.

+We strongly recommend campers take the beginning version at Summer Camps @ The Tech or have previous experience with the subject area before registering for our full-day Masters classes.

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