A message from your camp director

The Tech Summer Camps Director, B.J. Wooden

Here's a peek at The Tech Summer Camps 2014 classes

3D Video Game Design* (NEW for 2014)
Grades 6 – 8 only
Explore 3D video game design in this full-day class. Learn the basics of manipulating a 3D workspace, scripting events and triggers, and assembling assets. Use industry standard development tools to create a 3D action adventure.

3D Video Game Builder* (NEW for 2014)
Grades 4 – 6
Step into the world of 3D game design and world building. Explore the basics of gameplay and game mechanics. Use visual programming tool Kodu to mold terrain, set camera angles, adjust lighting, populate objects and program behaviors as you create an original game within a 3D world.

Circuits and Electronics* (More offerings FOR 2014)
Get inside gadgets by learning the circuit theory that makes them work. Start with snap together circuits and batteries, then move on to conductive materials, motors and lights to create original products you can use at home.

Mobile App Design* (More offerings FOR 2014)
Grades 6 – 8 only
Find out what it takes to become a registered developer and design apps for Apple mobile devices in this full-day class. Use CoronaSDK and Lua programming language to invent your own uniquely mobile app.

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