If you’re a seasoned educator with experience learning new curriculum, we’ll provide the training and tools to hone your expertise in new subject matter. Or, if “subject-matter guru with a shared belief in the Galileo mission” best describes you, we'll give you the training to add expert classroom management to your skill set. If you’re passionate about Art, Science, Outdoors, or Technology and have always wanted to share your knowledge with tomorrow’s innovators, we've got the job for you.


Who You Are

You . . .

Believe that education is more than just textbooks, and that a-ha moments are life-changing. 
Thrive in groups built on communication and collaboration. 
Know the feeling of 20 pairs of eyes watching you intently, excited for what you'll teach them next. 
Reflect on your experience to become an even better version of your best self, every day. 
Jump in to new groups with ease. 
Enjoy dynamic projects that keep you on your toes. 
Energize those around you with your own enthusiastic joy. 
Stretch yourself, exhibiting silly-putty-like flexibility. 


What You’ll Do At Camp

Innovate continuously to make every day better than the last. 
Share the magic and fun of camp with families while providing excellent customer service. 
Inspire and mentor aspiring educators. 
Collaborate with other lead instructors to bring life to your classroom and strengthen your skills. 
Weave stories through your lessons to make learning come to life. 
Swoop in to save the day when a staffing need arises. 
Provide perspective between multiple camp locations (and probably deliver secret messages, too). 

What We’ll Do Together

Work hard. We can’t make the world a better place by sitting around. Days are long and full. And worth it. 
Play hard. It’s like ‘bring your inner child to work’ day. All summer long. 
Whatever it takes. Being a Galilean means doing whatever needs to be done, whenever it needs doing. 
Build a community of peers that will be with you for the rest of your life. 
Wear costumes. Lots of costumes. 
Change the world.

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