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What it Takes to Be an Art Instructor

Lead Art Instructors teach and inspire in one or more classes like Fashion Design, Digital Filmmaking, Digital Photography, and Chefology.  

If you’re a seasoned educator with experience learning new curriculum, we’ll provide the training and tools to hone your expertise in new subject matter. Or, if “subject-matter guru with a shared belief in the Galileo mission” best describes you, we’ll give you the training to add expert classroom management to your skill set. If you’re passionate about art and have always wanted to share your knowledge with tomorrow’s innovators, we’ve got the job for you. Lead Instructor positions with shorter summer commitments also available.

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What You’ll Do at Camp

  • Inspire a lifelong love for all things artistic—making, filming, crafting, or cooking—in campers ranging from pre-K to 8th grades.
  • Master the Galileo Innovation Approach® and gain knowledge and skills you’ll employ in both life and work long after the camp season ends.
  • Create a safe, engaging and fearless learning environment for all campers.
  • Mentor aspiring educators, and work with other lead instructors to strengthen group management and teaching techniques.
  • Share the magic of camp with families while providing excellent customer service.

What We’ll Do Together

  • Work hard. We can’t make the world a better place by sitting around. Days are long and full. And worth it.
  • Play hard. It’s like ‘bring your inner child to work’ day.  All summer long.
  • Stretch ourselves, exhibiting silly-putty-like flexibility.
  • Whatever it takes. Being a Galilean means doing whatever needs to be done, whenever it needs doing. 
  • Reflect on our experiences every day, becoming even better versions of our best selves.
  • Build a life-long community of exceptional peers.
  • Change the world.

What You'll Teach

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Click here to review examples of curriculum you’ll deliver as an Outdoor Play Instructor.

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Inspired but not available all summer?

Substitute Positions

A perfect opportunity for those open to or requiring a shorter summer commitment, substitutes fill in for absences lasting a day, a week, and sometimes longer. To appropriately compensate these staff for the on-call nature of these positions, substitute compensation includes potential for a sizeable summer bonus.

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