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Working at Galileo means tapping into a professional network that spans the country, with connections to countless organizations and job opportunities in education, community development, and more! Hear directly from notable employers about why they love hiring Galileans:

"Galileans bring a wealth of strengths to the table: leadership, experience working with students, initiative, and the ability to be team players. These are the kinds of experiences and skill sets we see in our strongest AmeriCorps members and would be excited to see on future AmeriCorps applications."

- Dorian Mastrogany, Sr. National Recruiter for AmeriCorps Programs, Reading Partners

"As a recruiter, whenever I see Galileo on a resume, I know that candidate is coming in with a passion for cultivating the potential for students. They are someone who thinks creatively in a learning setting and already have the foundation to be a highly effective teacher in the classroom."

- Purva Dandona, Aspire Teacher Residency Recruiter

“I'm always excited to consider Galileo candidates. I can trust that they've received solid professional training and have learned innovative teaching methods. I really appreciate that Galileans are very empathetic and connect well with kids. They have a real joy of learning and take pride in helping to light that spark in students.”

- Rebecca Reynolds, Director of Recruitment for Education for Change Public Schools

“Playworks loves Galileans because they have such positive energy and are motivated team members. Playworks believes in respect, inclusion, and a healthy community, and that makes us excited to hire Galileans. I know that they'll bring a strong background in youth development and excellent communication skills.”

- Ben Neveras, Program Director for Playworks Silicon Valley

“I would gladly partner with any Galilean on future projects. Galileo not only does an outstanding job of developing an innovator's mindset for their campers, but also for their staffers. They know how to turn visions into reality, and build a positive, creative, collaborative, solution-based culture that allows people to bring out their best and for great innovation to happen!”

- Bridget Rigby, Director - Maker Camp @ Make

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