How Summer Hiring Works

Our Hiring Philosophy

At Galileo, we know that our teams have enormous impact on our success. That’s why our hiring philosophy is inspired by and firmly rooted in our core company values. The phases outlined here are designed first and foremost to explore a candidate’s alignment with our mission. This is an opportunity to reflect on and discuss past examples of exhibiting Galileo values—being visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, and reflective. Once we’ve identified a mission fit, we dig in to learn more about your specific skills and interests. We seek any and all ways to say yes to great candidates—across current open positions and locations—to find the right fit.

We view your application as the start of a conversation, and deeply value your time and effort. At each phase described below, the Galileo team commits to communicating decisions about your candidacy within 5 business days by either email or phone.

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Stages of the hiring process


The Goal

  • At this stage, candidates and the Galileo team have the opportunity to mutually assess overall Galileo fit, and begin to get a sense of logistics. This is when we start to consider which locations or open positions have the best potential fit based on your preferences, skills and interests.

What to expect or prepare

  • Do some research. Get familiar with our audacious mission and the methods we use to accomplish it.
  • Have your updated resume ready to upload as a Word, PDF, or Dropbox document.
  • Set aside about 10-15 minutes to complete an application in one sitting.
  • You’ll hear from one of our Selection Specialists within 2 to 5 business days about our decision and next steps. Until that point, you’re welcome to contact of 510.595.7293 x2 if you have questions.


The Goal

  • Let’s continue the conversation started in the application stage and learn more about how your experience and passion fit with Galileo’s mission and roles on our teams.
  • We’ll use this opportunity to gather more logistical details about your location preferences and needs, and hone in on the ideal Galileo team for you.

What to expect or prepare

  • The process here varies — we may reach out to schedule a face to face interview, ask you to record a short (2 minutes max) video, or have a brief virtual call with a member of our team. Regardless, we’re looking forward to learning more about you.
  • Be prepared to talk about your experience, interests, and enthusiasm for working with Galileo in support of our mission.
  • You’ll hear from the Galileo team in 2 to 5 business days about our decision and next steps.

Face to Face Interview

The Goal

  • Connect you with a Galileo Camp Director who may eventually be your Galileo supervisor.
  • Give you a taste of Galileo culture and a sense of the camp day.
  • Provide us both with another up-close opportunity to decide if this is a mutual fit.
  • Zero in on the exact position, location and Galileo team that is right for you (which in some cases will mean supporting multiple Galileo teams and locations!).

What to expect or prepare

  • Depending on your needs and our interview schedule, you’ll either attend an in-person interview with a group component (called a “group interview”), or participate in a virtual one-on-one interview with a Camp Director.
  • Group interviews include several candidates and Galileo team members coming together to simulate a camp team experience. Because we have so many positions to offer, it’s likely you’re there with your future teammates, rather than competitors. You’ll participate in small group activities — including leading your own lesson, game or camp song (and gleefully participate in activities led by others) — and have a one-on-one interview with a Galileo Camp Director. No cattle calls or panel interviews here, folks. Just inspirational camp fun designed to give us both the chance to make a well-informed decision.
  • You’ll hear from a Camp Director or another member of the Galileo hiring team within one week about our final decision and next steps.

Offer from Galileo

The Goal

  • Celebrate, and welcome you to the Galileo team!
  • Listen to and share our mutual expectations as employee and employer, collaborators and colleagues.
  • Get to know more about your Camp Director and their vision for your unique camp community.
  • Ensure you understand the full details of what Galileo has to offer you, including work hours and dates, pay rate, training and professional development, and more.

What to expect or prepare

  • Offers are conducted by phone, and often take upwards of 30 minutes from start to finish.
  • This is an opportunity to ask a lot of questions of the person who is leading the team you just joined.
  • We follow up quickly (1 business day) with a detailed offer by email that includes a thorough description of your role and our offer in writing.
  • You’re welcome to take a couple of days to consider, then accept (we hope!) by e-signing and returning your offer.


The Goal

  • Onboarding is our fully-online process designed to get all the necessary legal and logistical steps required to be a Galileo staff member wrapped up in a bow, and let you start training for your role ASAP.

What to expect or prepare

  • Onboarding will be completed primarily online, through the Galileo Employee Portal.
  • You’ll need basic info about yourself, like your social security number, medical history and coverage details, emergency contact info, and tax-related preferences ready to go. This is the stage where you fill out paperwork like a pro (and we give you lots of support and guidance when you need it).
  • Once you finish onboarding, you’re cleared to start online training in our custom-built training system. Get excited.

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