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Working with Galileo can be an awe-inspiring, life-changing experience for everyone from high school students to experienced educators. Hear directly from our staff on why they return to Galileo, year after year.



Lead Instructor

“A dream is something that everyone has. Some of us have had the same dream our entire lives, some of us have had many – nevertheless it is our dreams that push us through life and motivate us to take risks. My dream has always been to inspire – it is why I came to Galileo. After three amazing years as a Lead Art Instructor, I can look back and remember each time a camper's eyes grew wide in a moment of inspiration or when a staffer made me laugh so hard that I collapsed to the ground and cried. I live for those moments. It is during those moments that I know I've done something meaningful with my life. Galileo started out as a summer job, but has become a catalyst for something bigger. I am currently an Imagineer at Walt Disney and I'm here because Galileo gave me the confidence to further pursue my dreams. I’m still surrounded by my Galileo family – supported and inspired by people who have become so important to me. As Galileo staff, not only do we change the lives of our campers, we also impact each other. The Galileo spirit is real. It’s knowing that we have the potential for greatness at camp and beyond. It’s knowing that we can change the way our future generations think and create. It’s knowing that when we come together as a staff – as a family – we push each other to become our best selves. It’s something that will remain with me for as long as I can dream. I mean that.”



Team Leader

“I love reading stories to children – I have a lot of experience with it in my ‘normal job’ job as a party entertainer – and after a few days of reading from the same books at camp, I started wondering if the little Nebbula campers [our preK – kindergarten age group] might enjoy a story that I had written. I started telling the story, and got so wrapped up in it that I didn't realize that a parent was waiting patiently by the door to pick up her son, who was a part-day camper. A bit flustered, I promised to finish the story later and went to check out with the parent. The next day, I started picking up a book for story time, and one of the children said, ‘You promised to finish the story of Princess Chrysanthemum, remember?’ A lot of the other children started chiming in – I had assumed that they would all forget about it, but most of the children had actually been waiting to hear how the story would end. I finished that story, and spent the rest of the summer telling other stories that I had made up to a swarm of children hanging on my every word. It was the first time I realized that children actually did like the kinds of stories that I tell – and now I'm neck-deep in my first novel. I would never have believed in my stories if it wasn't for my opportunities at Galileo!”



Team Leader

“I’m currently a student at UC Santa Cruz and 2014 was my second year as a Team Leader with Camp Galileo. I have loved every minute spent singing, dancing, and learning alongside my campers and fellow staffers. From the thoughtful questions that are asked by my campers, to the constant encouragement from my fellow staff members, Camp Galileo has inspired me to be courageous and determined. Overall, I have been inspired to be a better leader. Watching the campers at Galileo grow in their knowledge of science and art has been so rewarding. Yet seeing them take that knowledge and applying it to their everyday life has been even better. Galileo has also enabled me to work alongside some fantastic and enthusiastic educators in our community. I have been motivated by their love for teaching, and the positive impact it has on the campers. After working with Galileo, and after taking great classes on teaching and education through my university, I have decided to become an educator myself. In a year, I will be attending graduate school to pursue a Masters in Education, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Just like the campers at Galileo, I hope that I can take what I have learned and apply it to my life to inspire others.”



Lead Instructor

“I hardly know how to begin to explain the magic that is Galileo. For me, finding Galileo was like finding home. The combination of an inspired vision and enthusiastic people supporting it has made Galileo a truly special place. It is a place where my values are supported, and a place where I've found others who share my passion. As I reflect upon the four years that I worked at the camps, I can see the clear impact it has made on my life and values. From day one, I fell in love with the energy, the enthusiasm, the values we encouraged, the costume days, the moments of connection with campers or staff, the flood of water day, the bonding that happened at BBQs, the times when I saw a camper learn something, the lifelong friends I made, and what the camp brought out in me. Every summer was a whirlwind of adventure and self-realization. By my third year, I had graduated and was encouraged by my camp director to become a Lead Instructor. I learned so much about myself that first year – most importantly, I realized that I love teaching. What Galileo offered me was a different way I could be a teacher, and a drive to bring the values of Galileo to my future students. I finally made the jump to apply for graduate school for education this year. In the process, my personal statements and interviews were laced with lessons that have been ingrained in me throughout my time at Galileo. I can't help it – I'm a Galilean through and through! I recently accepted admission into Stanford's STEP program, and I couldn't be more excited. I am thrilled to bring Galileo's magic into my graduate experience and, eventually, my own classroom.”



Camp Director

“It all makes sense now….when I was hired at Galileo everyone said I would grow so much. I asked how? Now I get it. As a whole we all experience the same sort of things, yet each [Camp Director] has such a different background, vision, staff and campers, that we all also experience it so differently. From watery tears to water ball, from blue tape to black eyes, from rubber chickens to rubber bands, and hot glue to hot days…It has been such a great experience learning and growing with and because of this organization. So many wonderful memories and I am so proud to call myself a Galilean. Cheers to the GIA, to Glen, to changing lives, to growing and to believing in what you do! It’s been magical.”

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Typical Camp Staff Week

We’re proud of how often our staff members share the monumental effect that Galileo has on their growth. To pack this in, for campers and staff alike, camp days are full to the brim with skill-building fun. If you’re interested in becoming a Galileo staff member (a.k.a. “Galilean”) this summer, we want to prepare you for the joys and rigors of camp that will ultimately lead to incredible personal and professional development. As a true camp professional, you’ll commit to hard work and you’ll play often. You’ll give hundreds of high-fives, create countless memories, and have one of the most fulfilling (and often exhausting) experiences of your life.

Check out the sample schedule below to learn more about a week in the life of a Galileo summer staff member at each of our three programs, Camp Galileo, Galileo Summer Quest and Summer Camps @ The Tech.

Typical Staff Week

Hear More from Our Staff

“I always feel that Galileo brings out the best in me. I love acting, singing, teaching, and playing so this is perfect job for me! Moreover, my co-workers were all friendly, positive people that brought joy to me every day. My Camp Director believed in me and encouraged me to step up and grow from an Assistant Instructor to a Lead Instructor. Now I know I have what it takes to lead a Galileo classroom. I hope to bring the positive, fun energy of Galileo to my teaching as I finish up my Masters in Education.”

“I have loved working at Camp G this summer. My heart is already aching to be back. Watching campers grow and leave more confident and more inspired than they were when they came in made me want to cry happy tears!”

“Galileo helped me realize what an ideal work environment should be like – supportive staff & leadership, appreciation for the work that you do, and an openness to new ideas.”

“As a future elementary school teacher, this experience has been invaluable; working with a diverse group of children all summer has provided an array of experiences that will greatly impact my career as a teacher.  I learned how to utilize patience, differentiation, and classroom management techniques, while balancing structure with having fun and allowing children to feel empowered and not constrained by "requirements" each day.  Focusing on and teaching the GIA was a beneficial and inspiring approach to teaching, and something that I will absolutely take with me on my journey toward teaching.”

“I am more encouraged (to say the least) to pursue my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. I have made wonderful family-like relationships with some of the staff members and have learned little and big things from each of them.”

“Being part of such an amazing organization like Galileo has shown me that by being innovative it is possible to make an impact on the world. This summer I was given the opportunity to help campers find the innovator inside them and I really felt that I was positively contributing to the life of that camper.”

“Galileo has taught me that having fun exists as a job. I've been powerfully impacted by my teammates and the children I've worked with. I am honored to have played a role in the Galileo movement and treasure the idea that I've inspired children to be confident and creative.”

“Working at Galileo has left me energized for the school year to come and excited to bring a little bit of camp magic and enthusiasm to the ‘real world’.”

“This experience has impacted me most in my relationship with myself. As a [Galileo Summer Quest] Art Instructor I feel I was inspired by my team and the campers to remember where my passion truly is and always has been! I do not feel scared to let the world know I am an artist and an innovator. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

“This experience has given me hope that I can continue to make a positive impact on children's lives and has inspired me to continue with my goals. Having to take so many breaks in working with children, there are times that I get nervous and have to get back into my element, and over this summer Galileo allowed my confidence in the skills I can bring to grow.”

“The three months that I get to teach at Galileo are by far the best three months of my year and I start a countdown to next summer on the last day of camp! Camp has allowed me to develop and grow not only as an educator but as an individual as well. Being an educator during the year as well, I have also been able to bring some of Galileo into my classroom by encouraging my students to make marvelous mistakes and challenging them to embody the same characteristics of the Innovator's Mindset.”

“This experience has reignited my passion for teaching- what there is to love about it in the first place. I loved that at GSQ students were embraced for their individuality and spirit. I appreciated teaching a new curriculum and making it my own – learning and experimenting as each week went on. It warmed me to see the positivity and cheer that each day brought and how students were inspired by staff and vice versa. I believe in the mission of Galileo and I hope the energy and enthusiasm I developed this summer can be sustained throughout the school year!"

“I only worked a short amount of time, but the level of professionalism that shows through in a dynamic and fun alternative education program has truly inspired me and helped in boosting confidence in my abilities to be a valuable educator.”

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