Why Educators Join Our Team

You’re a current or aspiring educator because you want to make a real difference in the lives of young people, giving them tangible tools to succeed in and outside the classroom. And more than ever, our global community needs people like you.

Because we need innovators who don’t just have the right answers to tests—but who also know how to think and work together to solve problems. That’s why we created the Galileo Innovation Approach® (or “GIA”). The GIA is inspired by the innovation process developed at the Stanford d.school. We took their fundamental ideas, added our own, and adapted it for use with kids from pre-K through 8th grade—when they’re especially open to absorbing new ways to think, explore and create.

This summer, you can learn, then apply this invaluable model, receiving in-depth training and spending as little as two weeks in our camp classrooms. Work in underserved communities and want to bring innovation to your school-year environment? So do roughly 50% of our summer staff instructors and camp leadership staff. Work with us this summer to round out your toolbox and master this approach. Experience tells us you’ll return to the community you serve a better teacher and—inevitably—you’ll learn a few personal lessons along the way, too. 

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Substitute Positions

A perfect opportunity for those open to or requiring a shorter summer commitment, substitutes fill in for absences lasting a day, a week, and sometimes longer. To appropriately compensate these staff for the on-call nature of these positions, substitute compensation includes potential for a sizeable summer bonus.

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As a Galileo Educator, you'll...

  • Choose your own professional development goals and path
  • Receive comprehensive online training, reinforced by hands-on at-camp training & practice
  • Have a choice of multiple locations and subject areas
  • Bring inspired, imaginative curriculum to life
  • Gain a new network of like-minded educators, artists, scientists, and leaders  

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