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Wanted: New Galileo Summer Quest majors for 2014

At Galileo, we practice what we teach. That’s why we’re putting our innovative approach to work this fall to develop a new suite of majors to pilot at select Summer Quest locations in 2014. But first, we need your help in generating ideas for 4 – 6 new weeklong majors for our 5th – 8th grade campers.

What is your MAJOR idea?

Our next Summer Quest major could be a close relative of one of our current offerings or something totally different from our existing lineup. We’re interested in what you—and your innovative kids—are interested in.

The details

Complete the contest entry form below by Friday, August 16. (Feel free to submit multiple forms if you have lots of ideas.) Summer Quest subject matter should be age appropriate for 5th – 8th graders and rich enough for 20 hours of exploration, culminating in an innovative final project. We may contact you if we have questions about your entry as we review submissions. We will notify a shortlist of finalists via email in September announce the final winners of $500 each at the end of October.

Good luck, and may major innovation be with you.


Contest entry form
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What's your idea?
* Please include the topic and a short description.

Example: Digital Filmmaking. Write, shoot and edit your own short film.

tell us more.
* Why should we be excited about your idea?

Example: Campers will learn to appreciate the history and complexity of filmmaking. They’ll explore each step involved in creating an original film and learn about the many different types of people who work together to turn a film idea into reality. They’ll go from being passive movie viewers to active filmmakers with experience in producing a short film from start to finish. Beyond becoming innovative filmmakers, campers will become confident communicators of clear messages and compelling stories.

what will campers do, use and learn?
* What ideas do you have about activities, projects, materials or skill building?

Example: Campers can learn to write professional-quality scripts, make a storyboards and create camera angle diagrams. They can practice techniques such as the rule of thirds and the 180 degree line rule and learn about shot framing and camera angles. They can edit their movies and add effects in iMovie and learn about marketing—developing posters, trailers, websites, press junkets and product placements for their films.

how will campers show off their projects on friday?

* What will campers present? What will they take home?

Example: Campers will create their own short films. They can screen them at a film festival for parents on Friday. They’ll be able to take home digital copies of their films.

are you interested in helping to develop and/or teach this major

If you answered "No, but I know someone who might be" above, please include that person's email address:

do you have any feedback about this contest or our initiative?
We'll do our best to incorporate your thoughts into the next phase of our pilot.