Camp Services & Add Ons

Infinite Innovation, Zero Stress

Extended Care & Lunch

Summer vacation should be fun. That's why Galileo delivers a thrilling camp experience for your kids without making your life any more complicated. With over 70 buzzing hives of innovation (otherwise known as summer camp locations) across California and in Chicagoland, there's likely to be one near you. To add to the convenience, we offer extended care from 8 am to 6 pm, and an optional—and delicious—healthy lunch program. How easy is that?

Financial Assistance

At Galileo, we believe that innovation can be taught. We believe that with the right tools and teaching, kids can create fearlessly and change the world profoundly. We believe that Galileo camps inspire this kind of world-rocking, risk-taking innovation. And we believe they should be available to all kids. That's where our financial assistance program comes in. 

Auctions & Donations

What could make an event more successful than auctioning off Galileo camps? Submit an Auction Donation Request to be considered.