Camp Galileo Stars | 1st and 2nd Grade Program

Is your child always asking questions? Are they constantly wanting to explore the world around them? Childhood is a time of discovery, and that curiosity can take many forms, from the child who loves to learn in a traditional classroom setting, to the shyer student who prefers to explore the world in a more organic and independent way. The Camp Galileo Stars program—our summer camp for entering 1st and 2nd graders—is perfect for a wide range of learning styles, as we engage kids in a way that’s truly transformative. In fact, it’s not uncommon for campers to return home from camp with a new lexicon and a new view of the world that surrounds them.

Camp Galileo Stars are kids who will be entering the 1st or 2nd grade in the fall, so our talented team of educators has crafted our camp curriculum to reflect the newfound sense of independence that’s common at this age. With a 10-to-1 ratio of campers to staff, campers get loads of one-on-one attention as they set out to work on multi-day projects—a step up from the one-day projects that are more typical for our youngest campers.

While many kids are new to Galileo, a large portion are returning campers who already have one or two summers with our program as Nebulas (kids in preschool and kindergarten). After enjoying their time as Nebulas, campers can ultimately progress from Stars to Supernovas—a group of kids who will be entering the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. When all is said and done, your Star will arrive home with a tremendous enthusiasm for innovation and new vocabulary for how to talk about their ideas.

Camp Galileo Stars Can Choose from Different Summer Camp Program Themes

Camp Galileo Nebula building during camp.Each and every year, the creative folks at Camp Galileo carefully craft four innovative camp themes. Then, we get to work creating age-appropriate camp curriculum for each. Kids can pick out a session with their preferred theme, containing projects designed to engage their specific developmental level (in the case of Stars, 1st and 2nd graders). We’ve made each week-long camp session totally unique; so, even if you register for several weeks of camp—and we recommend attending all four for the best summer camp experience—your little Star can look forward to deepening their experience each and every day. Here’s a look at the 2018 themes for Galileo campers:

  • The Incredible Human Body: The Art and Science of Being Human
  • Space Explorers: Cosmic Art and Astronaut Science
  • Road Trip Adventure: Art and Engineering on Route 66
  • Galileo Makers: Materials Challenge: Extraordinary Art and Inventions with Ordinary Supplies

In a typical day, Camp Galileo Stars take part in lots of different activities, whether it’s building a space station from popsicle sticks, performing a gravity experiment, playing outside, or creating an out-of-this-world piece of cosmic art that Mom or Dad can use to decorate their desk at work (and break the ice with co-workers). At this age, kids spend equal amounts of time during the camp day on science engineering activities, outdoor play and visual arts.

Camp Galileo Nebula building during camp.We view our Camp Galileo Stars as innovators in training, as they take part in age-appropriate activities that hold the power to change the way they think about the world. That’s no small feat! Kids learn to innovate, strategize and then analyze situations so they can learn and grow from their experiences—and yes—even their mistakes. Our program also places lots of emphasis on other activities that are important for this age group, like promoting physical play, developing problem-solving abilities, socializing with peers and refining those fine motor skills.

Galileo aims to make the learning process fun, and we do that with help from our passionate staff. Many of our camp directors have backgrounds in education, early childhood development or a similar field, and every single staff member has a profound interest in helping children thrive. This gives our team the insight we need to help your kids learn, grow and innovate as they make wonderful memories along the way.

Sign Up for Our 1st and 2nd Grade Summer Camps

The Camp Galileo Stars program has partnered with a number of schools throughout California and Chicagoland. Since 2016, we’re offered our 1st and 2nd grade summer camps in three regions of the country:

Camp Galileo staff helping campers with a project.At Galileo, we’re on a mission to provide a truly transformative summer camp experience; one that promotes social development, personal growth, fun and innovation. We view ourselves as a family of innovators and we hope you’ll join us for one or more summer sessions.

In addition to the Camp Galileo program, we also offer Galileo Summer Quest, a summer day camp program for older kids entering 5th through 8th grade.

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Are you uncertain if Galileo is right for your kids? We offer lots of variation in our programs, which lets us cater to many different interests. We’re happy to help you determine if our summer camp program is right for your kids’ unique needs. Stop by our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions, and then contact us to chat about our program offerings.