Camp Galileo Nebulas | Pre‑K and Kindergarten

As each camper grows, so does our curriculum. Kids discover more advanced concepts and explore greater creative freedom over time as campers progress from Nebulas to Stars (entering 1st and 2nd grade) and finally, Supernovas (entering 3rd, 4th and 5th grade). But for kids in pre-K or entering kindergarten in the fall, being a Nebula is the perfect fit. With an 8-to-1 ratio of campers to staff, each child will receive the individualized attention they need to thrive.


Camp Galileo Nebula experimenting with bubblesNebulas may return home from camp using words such as “visionary” and “trusses” without missing a beat.

That’s because Galileo takes a uniquely innovative approach to learning, as we transform children into lifelong learners and innovators who are comfortable exploring, analyzing and learning from experience—including their mistakes. Quite simply, we believe that learning should be fun.

Themes and the Camp Galileo Experience

Camp Galileo has four themes which are custom-tailored to suit each particular age group. If you have multiple kids, they can all experience the same theme, but each camper’s experience is tailored to their developmental level.

As a Nebula, your young innovator-in-training will be showered with attention as they participate in age-appropriate activities that are sure to engage and excite. This will include everything from games to crafts and builds to science and engineering projects and lots more. In fact, a Nebula’s time is split almost equally between science activities, creative art projects and outdoor play.

Galileo’s 2018 camp themes allow campers to experience:

  • The Incredible Human Body: The Art and Science of Being Human
  • Space Explorers: Cosmic Art and Astronaut Science
  • Road Trip Adventure: Art and Engineering on Route 66
  • Galileo Makers: Materials Challenge: Extraordinary Art and Inventions with Ordinary Supplies

Camp Galileo Nebula building during camp.At this age, kids are curious and adventurous, while their bodies and minds are quickly growing and evolving. Our programs expand their horizons in clever and creative ways, while promoting stronger motor skills, developing problem-solving capabilities and engaging kids in a social way. Camp Galileo Nebulas focus on developing these key fundamentals in a really fun, dynamic environment. What’s more, our staff members know what skills and abilities campers will need to succeed, as many have a background in education, childhood development or a related field. It’s this unique combination of nurturing, a fabulous curriculum and incredible staff that makes Camp G a standout day camp for four, five, and six-year-olds.

Register for Our Pre-K and Kindergarten Summer Camps

Our Nebulas attend Camp Galileo at carefully-selected partner schools throughout California and Chicagoland. Currently, we are offering day camp programs in three regions:

Camp Galileo staff helping campers with a project.New camp locations are added nearly every year, as Galileo expands to offer day camp programs to more and more campers. We’re on a mission to create a fun, nurturing environment where your pre-K or kindergarten-age kid can explore, innovate, socialize and grow.

Galileo also hosts programs for older campers. Camp Galileo Stars are entering the 1st and 2nd grade, while Supernovas are entering 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Entering 5th graders can also opt to enroll in Galileo Summer Quest, designed for kids entering 5th through 8th grade.

Whether you choose to sign up for one week or several, your camper can look forward to an experience that reinforces age-appropriate skills while expanding their horizons in some very engaging and clever ways. Your kid will benefit most from four weeks spent at camp, but the ability to sign up for individual weeks allows your family to easily schedule out your summer. If you’re planning to send your kid on a summertime adventure at Galileo, remember to create an account and join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest Galileo news and programs.

Not sure if camp is right for your child? Are you unsure which program would be the best fit? The Galileo team is happy to discuss your kid’s unique interests and abilities, working with you to help identify the best offering for them. You can also stop by our FAQ page for a run-down on some of the most common questions from prospective campers. Contact us today to learn more about our program offerings.