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Thanks for a great summer

Dear families,

As the last glue guns, robots and sewing machines return to our warehouse for hibernation, I want to thank you for being part of the Galileo community this camp season.

As I visited camps throughout California this summer, your kids both cracked me up and inspired me. I saw them program Java to modify Minecraft, build vacuum cleaners, customize models of R2D2 using 3-D printers, craft  Nepalese puppets, and design fashion lines, all the while using the Galileo Innovator's Process to bring their ideas to life.

This summer we were also excited to continue our work with professors from the Stanford School of Education, who worked with hundreds of our campers to study Galileo’s impact on camper mindset. We're eager to use the knowledge from this research project to improve our efficacy and to advocate more broadly for innovation education.

I want very much to have the chance to work with your kids again. We continue to invest in our curriculum and instructional practices, and I can tell you there is a great deal going on under the surface of the playful costumes and energetic staffers. If you give me a few weeks every summer for several years, I know from my personal experience your children will walk away with an innovator’s toolkit that really does allow them to go from vision to reality. I look forward to seeing you next summer.

As Galileo enters its 15th year, we're looking forward to supporting your efforts in developing ever more creative, confident kids. Take a few minutes to check out our Innovation Archives, an ever-expanding collection of resources for inspiring innovation, including blog posts from me on each of the elements of the Innovator's Mindset. 

Yours in innovation,
Glen Tripp
Founder & CEO
Galileo Learning

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