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One-of-a-kind camp. One-of-a-kind design.

This year’s Summer Camps @ The Tech t-shirt design is inspired by the unique curriculum and culture of our flourishing collaboration with The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Our stellar staff never ceases to awe us with their commitment and creativity. This year, for example, when we asked them to help us design our 2018 Summer Camps @ The Tech t-shirt, we got so many incredible options that we simply couldn't decide. You voted on your favorites, and we’re pleased to unveil the winning design.

Talking to Aileen Wen, the proud designer and a longtime Summer Camps @ The Tech staffer, it’s clear to see that this year’s t-shirt isn’t the only thing that her time at camp has influenced. Beyond an eagerness for what’s new at The Tech this summer, Aileen has a deep admiration for the unique curriculum and culture Summer Camps @ The Tech campers and staffers experience together.

Read on to learn more about the inspiration for Aileen’s design, her take on what makes this one-of-a-kind program truly special, and the grand reveal of the 2018 camp t-shirt.


How is camp at The Tech different from other programs?

Campers and staffers get to experience a remarkable summer program with some seriously unique classes, all of which are run in fully-equipped maker spaces and labs in the actual Tech Museum. Naturally, all of that has fostered the growth of a really special camp culture at Summer Camps @ The Tech, where staff and campers alike are encouraged to geek out about their passions.

What's your favorite thing about Summer Camps @ The Tech?

I love that it’s so different from Camp Galileo or Galileo Summer Quest, and yet infuses the same Innovation Approach into every piece of their curriculum. I also love that everyone in the Summer Camps @ The Tech community knows and celebrates the uniqueness of this program. Staff feel a true sense of ownership and responsibility for this special program, and there’s so much joy and pride in working together to ensure its success. That enthusiasm is contagious, and it definitely translates to the campers. Even if a camper arrives at camp a little shy or unsure of themselves, they end up diving headfirst into a project they get really passionate about. By the end of the week, they’re gushing to anyone who will listen about all the challenges and revisions they faced and how cool the final product is after overcoming them.

What's the inspiration behind your t-shirt design?

Scott, the robot Summer Camps @ The Tech mascot! He pops up quite a bit at camp, so it only felt right that he should also pop up on everyone’s t-shirts. It’s also probably no surprise that many staff and campers at Summer Camps @ The Tech are seriously tech-savvy. I wanted to make sure the t-shirt had design elements like the microchip background and 8-bit text that would celebrate that piece of our camp culture,  while tying it into the kind of STE(A)M innovation championed by both Galileo and The Tech Museum.

If you were a Tech camper, what classes would top your list?

Definitely the science classes, and especially Molecular Gastronomy, Chem Lab Creations, and Animal MD. I love chemistry and biology, and as a kid I would have been itching to take on some of the hands-on activities campers do in those classes. They get to play with the chemical properties of food, experiment with super cool scientific reactions, and learn about animal biology while hanging out with actual animals? I wish I could take those classes now.

What are you most excited about for this summer at The Tech?

I especially can’t wait for the brand new classes debuting this year (Animal Investigators & Augmented Reality), as well as the returning classes that have been revamped for 2018. After five summers as a staffer, it continues to blow my mind how cool Summer Camps @ The Tech classes are. I’m so excited for both new and returning staff and campers to experience them for the first time.

Welcome to The Tech

Want more camp? There are 22 immersive adventures in store for 4th - 8th graders at Summer Camps @ The Tech. We can’t wait to see you this summer!