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Oh, the Places Galileans Can Go!

Galileo isn't just an awesome place to spend the summer (although it is a really, really fun place to spend the summer). And it isn't just a camp that turns kids into innovators (although we do that, too). Galileo is also a community of some of the brightest, most passionate people you'll ever meet, from the first grader determinedly wiring his first simple circuit to the veteran staffer who moonlights as an experimental artist. It's a place powered by the curiosity and enthusiasm of thousands of interested, interesting minds.

Now that it's been around for 15 years, we're starting to see how this energizing environment shapes Galileans into extraordinary adults, and how the Galileo community supports that development every step of the way.

One of these extraordinary young adults, a camper-turned-staffer-turned-Apple intern named Hannah, told us about her tenure at camp, the career-defining potential of her Galileo experience and what she's learned along the way.

What was your experience as a Camp Galileo camper like?

I was actually a camper at one of the first Camp G locations [in 2004 and 2005 at Camp Galileo Belmont]. I was a hardcore craft kid, so I remember being completely enthralled by all the Klutz activities. I also remember a lot of water days!

What about your experience as a staffer?

I started as a Summer Intern when I was in high school, and since then have also served as an Assistant Instructor and a Lead Instructor at both Camp G Menlo Park and Galileo Summer Quest Hillsborough. I firmly believe that I have the coolest job around.

What's been your favorite project to teach?

Hannah during her summer at Camp G Menlo Park Building Victorian houses in Star Art [at Camp G Menlo Park] this past summer—because I actually built my own house with my campers!

As a college student, I never get to do projects like this, and my campers loved that I worked on it with them. The difficult part was biking to Caltrain to get it home with me.

What has working at Galileo taught you?

Galileo was my first job and it's helped me grow so much as a professional. Now, as a finance student, all of the skills I learned at camp are coming into play. Because of Galileo I am comfortable presenting information in a boardroom (not so different from working with a class of 4th graders) and communicating with all different types of people.

What's next for you?

My camp connections have come into play again! This summer I will be interning at Apple—I interviewed for the job with a former Galileo staffer and even talked about what I learned at camp in my interview.​

From what campers learn to the confidence they gain to the people they meet, Galileo offers much more than just a place to park your kids this summer. Who knows the places your Galilean will go?