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Setting Family Resolutions - it’s not too late

Dear families,

Welcome to 2018! Last week we reminded you that one of the Innovator’s Mindset elements is being REFLECTIVE. Innovators think about what is and isn’t working in their design, consider how their work impacts others, and seek feedback that helps them improve their design.

No doubt the end of 2017 and start of 2018 have caused you to reflect on your year, and perhaps you’ve thought a bit about your personal intentions for the new year. Now that the hubbub of the holidays is starting to subside, I’d like to suggest an activity for your family that will help you set some collective goals on how you want to BE together.


Here’s a way to transform your family’s typical New Year’s resolutions (the ones that are quickly set and just as quickly forgotten) into an opportunity for real reflection and meaningful goal setting:

  • Create a 1- hour family gathering sometime in the next week. Start with a light-hearted joke, and finish with a fun outing, game or treat so this doesn’t seem like work.
  • Start by looking backward. Using either blank paper or a list of a few questions you have created ahead of time, have everyone jot down some answers to questions like, “What did you enjoy doing as a family last year?” “What did you like about the way our family acted with each other last year?” “What was something you were proud or happy about?” “What’s one thing you didn’t enjoy?” 
  • After everyone has a chance to share their answers, spend some time quietly reflecting on the future. Each person can write answers to questions like, “What’s one thing you’d like our family to do more of next year?” “What’s one way our family can better support you this year?” “What’s one way you can better support your family members this year?” 
  • After your crew shares out some of their answers, ask everyone to identify three ideas for family goals for the coming year and write them down. For example, “Plan one non-movie, no phones allowed, family activity per month,” or “Everyone takes lessons in something this year.”  Once they are all listed, guide the family to pick 2-3 max that you want to select.
  • Put your final goals on the wall so you can check in a week later—and keep checking in throughout the year.

This year, why not resolve to model the type of thoughtful reflection and goal setting that leads to real behavior change? When kids see actual change come from goal setting, they learn that they can drive change in their lives and in the world around them. This action will benefit them (and you) for years to come.

Happy New Year from our Galileo family to yours,

Glen Tripp
CEO & Founder
Galileo Learning