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DIY - Make Mardi Gras Magic

By Emily Ginn, GSQ Fashion Design Lead Instructor

One of the most famous Carnival  celebrations in the world takes place here in the US, in New Orleans. It’s called Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday” in French) and it’s been an annual event for nearly 300 years.

In 1872, Russian Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff came to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. In honor of his visit, the Krewe of Rex appointed him “King for the Day” and created a special parade. Ever since, it has been tradition to crown Mardi Gras Kings and Queens.  These royal accessories will get your ready to rule over your own Marti Gras celebration in style!

Fun Fact: Each of the official Mardi Gras colors came from the Grand Duke’s royal house and each has a special meaning: Purple = Justice; Green = Faith; Gold = Power

King/Queen of Mardi Gras Crown

What you’ll need:
Empty toilet paper roll


Foam brush

Hole puncher
Stretchy clear jewelry cord

Step 1: With a marker, draw a zigzag across the center of the toilet paper roll.

Step 2: Cut out your crown along the zigzag.

Step 3: Use the foam brush to paint glue all over the outside of your crown.

Step 4: Roll the crown in glitter.

Step 5: Use Q-tips to dot on glue and add sequins.

Step 6: Once the crown is dry, punch two holes on either side and use stretchy jewelry cord to make a strap for your head.


Glitterific Scepter

What you’ll need:

Sparkly craft foam sheets
Hole puncher

Step 1: Draw and cut out two 1⁄2” by 4” rectangles in your sparkly craft foam sheet.

Step 2: Punch a hole in both ends and directly in the center of each of the rectangles.

Step 3: Poke your straw through the right side of one of the rectangles. Loop it over the top of the straw and poke through the other end. Grab the second rectangle and repeat.

Step 4: Poke the straw through the center of both rectangles, layering them on top of one another.

Step 5: Pick up your scepter, put on your crown and consider how good it is to be king—or queen!