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DIY: Make a Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Little kids can get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit by painting stones gold or building leprechaun traps, and older kids can prepare for some green fun by making felt four leaf clovers. It uses a thread and needle, but requires little sewing skills, making it a good project for anyone old enough to handle a sewing needle.

We'd seen a felt clover photo on Pinterest, but without a tutorial, we were left to figure out the steps. Once a few clovers are created, they can be strung together to make a clover garland. 

Needed supplies:

Thread - we used green embroidery floss

Sewing needle

green felt - we used inexpensive craft felt sold at most craft stores

How to make it:

Step one - cut four small rectangles, about three-quarters of an inch tall. Our first ones were about an inch tall, but when we tried to pull it together a few steps ahead, we found the tall leaves looked awkward. 

Step two - Cut the tops of each rectangle to look like the top of a heart. 

Step three - Sew the leaves together, one leaf at a time. We started on the left side of the leaf, poked down from the top, then up, then down, and ended by coming up on the right side. 

Step four - Once all four leaves we strung, gently push them together to form a clover. 

Step five - While holding the thread tight to keep the clover shape, make a stitch connecting the first and last leaf, thus holding the clover together. This was our most tricky step, but be patient, and it will  come together. 

Optional step six - to make a garland, repeat steps 1-5 to make more clovers, then connect the completed clovers with thread or embroidery floss to make a St. Patrick's Day garland.