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DIY: Hot Glue Glitter Ornaments

Hot glue ornaments are easy for kids to make, and not nearly as dangerous as it may sound. They'll adorn your tree with homemade love, or if you don't do a tree, they can be hung in a window. The best news is that they take very few supplies, and are fast to complete.

The supplies are simple: wax paper, a little dishwashing detergent, hot glue and a glue gun, and glitter. We used newspaper under the waxed paper to prevent any mishaps from reaching the counter, and if you have young kids, you may want to add a small bowl of ice, in case of finger burns.

Apply a tiny bit of detergent to the waxed paper and spread with your fingertips. The detergent is used as a lubricant to help peel the glue off the paper after it sets.

Get gluing. Make whatever shapes come to mind. Simple shapes that are easy to draw with the hot glue gun, and that end as once piece work best so they're easy to hang.

While still hot, shake glitter on top. For a consistent coverage, Mod Podge or regular glue could be brushed on the hot glue design before sprinkling the glitter. 

Wait about a minute, and carefully peel the glue off the waxed paper. We waited too long on our first try and those trees were tightly affixed to the paper, even with the detergent. The next time, we waited until the glue was set and cool to the touch, then peeled with no problem.

Hook the finished ornament with a hanger and add them to the tree. For a window decoration, hang with twine or fish line. Within minutes, new decorations have been made, and they're not breakable.