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Creativity-Boosting Gifts You Can Give Your Kids: Creating Together

This post is the fifth and final in a series of creativity-boosting gifts you can give to the kids in your life. For previous gift ideas, check out thoughts on unstructured play, space to create, unwrappable presents, and the innovator’s bookshelf.


Gift #5 - Creating Together

What’s more fun than watching your kid’s imagination go wild? Letting yours go wild with them! Finding projects that you can do together can be fulfilling as a parent and show your child how much you value creativity and innovation. Additionally, it can give you even more opportunities to help them develop their Innovator’s Mindsets!

  • Be Visionary: Break out a bunch of building or crafting supplies and create something together. You can start with an idea prompt (for example, dinosaurs or funny hats) or just let them dig in and see what happens.
  • Be Silly Together: Last summer, my daughter and I created glasses out of pipe cleaners and then wore them to the grocery store. My daughter was delighted! Seeing me take a risk, be courageous, and do something outside my normal comfort zone showed her that being courageous can be fun. I had a blast too, and have also enjoyed seeing her take more risks since that experience. You can start at home - make up funny voices or characters and pretend to be them for an hour while you talk together, play a silly game, or wear matching funny hats. (For more on being courageous, including tips on modeling brave behavior, check out this blog post from Galileo CEO Glen Tripp.)
  • Create Something: Bake cookies, build a blanket fort, or plant a garden together. While you are doing this, ask your child to make creative decisions such as what things to add to the cookies, or have them come up with a design for the garden.

There you have it - five creativity-boosting gifts you can give the kids in your life. After the break, I’d love for you to share your stories with me. How did these gifts go over with your family? What sorts of conversations did you have? What challenges came up? What new things did you create? Email me at, or join the conversation on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you in the new year!

Looking for more ways to encourage innovation year-round? Try Glen Tripp’s tips for setting meaningful goals as a family through New Year’s resolutions, and what it means to be visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, and reflective; and peruse some of our favorite resources in Galileo’s Innovation Archives.

Hope Adams is a Galileo Area Director in Orange County, CA. When she’s not encouraging young innovators - including her two kids - she loves expressing her own creativity through cooking, photography, and drawing.