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Celebrate Marvelous Mistakes on #AwkwardMomentsDay

Dear families,

Happy #AwkwardMomentsDay!

At Galileo we believe that embracing our mistakes is a crucial part of becoming a fearless innovator.

Does your new app have problems? Does your catapult not launch the way you planned? Does the tape you used keep coming off your structure? These awkward moments can feel uncomfortable and difficult to deal with, but when you step back and reflect on what didn’t work you can learn something new and turn the awkward moment into a marvelous mistake. 

Why Do Innovators Make Marvelous Mistakes?

Innovators embrace marvelous mistakes not because they enjoy failure, but because they know that with failure comes progress. A great way to think about marvelous mistakes is through the lens of the Galileo Innovator’s Process, an iterative flow designed to bring the best ideas to fruition.

The Galileo Innovator's Process

Mistakes can happen as you identify your goals, generate ideas, and design a plan of action. Maybe you envisioned a new mobile phone game, but realized that the game is not fun to play after you created and tested it. Be reflective and evaluate your mistakes so that you can learn from them and redesign your plan. Each marvelous mistake will bring you closer and closer to your goal.

Celebrating awkward moments and mistakes helps free campers from worrying about being wrong which, in turn, empowers them to take risks and try new things. So celebrate the awkward moments in life and remember, a mistake is just a mistake until you learn from it, then it becomes marvelous.

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