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Behind the major: YouTube Producers

Last summer, the YouTube Producers major made its debut at Galileo Summer Quest and received rave reviews from our families—but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t room for redesign. We sat down with Heather Murphy, Galileo’s senior art curriculum developer and the brain behind YouTube Producers, to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what’s new this summer for a major that’s back by popular demand.

What do you love about this major?

I love that this major gives campers the freedom to express themselves and share their ideas with the world. Galileo Summer Quest (GSQ) final projects are always amazing, and often get limited exposure after the end-of-week family presentations. In YouTube Producers, campers have the ability to share their videos with the public after camp ends, setting them on a journey to quickly broadcast their creations and spread their impact in the world. And, while expressing themselves and sharing their ideas, campers also learn new media literacy – which I believe is one of the most important skills this generation needs in order to navigate our increasingly interconnected and digital lives.

What are you most excited about for this major?

I love seeing the diversity of videos campers create, and watching the process unfold during the summer. It's electrifying to walk into a room where four campers are gathered around a script, discussing which camera angle will work best for the scene, or to see two campers engaged in a high-stakes dance-off from across campus! Our campers and instructors in this major have such a great energy and excitement that is infectious both on and off the screen.

What's new to this major this year?

This year, we've drastically diversified the content campers will be creating. Every day, they'll be creating a new type of YouTube video—like DIY tutorials, parodies, or screencasts. Additionally, campers will have two different skills to focus on each day. These will help provide structure and clarity to what campers are creating and what they should be paying attention to, helping our campers be more determined and reflective about their growth as Producers throughout the week.

What will be the most exciting thing for campers? The most challenging?

The most exciting thing for campers will, of course, vary. For many, it'll be the chance to get hands-on experience with microphones, tripods, lighting equipment, green screens, and more. For others, it might be the opportunity to work with new friends on silly projects or projects they care about. The most challenging part of this major for many campers is coming up with a new video idea every day. But not to worry, we've got some top-notch brainstorming techniques introduced throughout the week to help campers tackle this challenge.

How will campers practice the Galileo Innovation Approach in this major?

While campers focus on a different Innovator's Mindset each day at GSQ, every YouTube Producer will go through the process daily. First, they'll have to flex their visionary muscles as they generate ideas for their daily video. Next, they'll have to be courageous and collaborative as they start shooting—tackling new equipment challenges, and working together as a production team. In the final stretches of shooting and editing, they'll have to don determined and reflective hats, considering what they need to do to bring their vision to life— even if that means reshoots or some fancy editing.

From understanding how to tackle new challenges to trusting their own vision and determination, Galileo Summer Quest inspires campers to become bolder, braver, more empowered people. That impact is profound, and we can’t wait for your kids to experience it. Ready for a summer chock-full of designing, creating, testing, and turning visions into reality? Find a location near you.