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Behind the major: Chefology - Breakfast Club

In our Chefology: Breakfast Club major, campers get the opportunity to mix up traditional morning recipes and spend an entire week reinventing the most important meal of the day. We know that campers get to add recipes for muffins, syrups, parfaits, and bagels (just to name a few) to their cooking repertoire, but how is this experience uniquely Galileo? We sat down with Jamie Diy, a Galileo curriculum developer and chef of innovation, to get the inside scoop on Breakfast Club at Galileo Summer Quest.  


What do you love about this major?

Fancy breakfast treats made from scratch every day that you get to eat? What's not to love! One of the things I love most about this major is that it's so accessible. Everyone already has an intimate relationship with food, and the opportunities for creative expression and innovation are just as rich when you're cooking as when you're building a robot. It's also easy for campers to keep building on their Chefology experience at home and share it with their family. I love the idea of campers cooking the visionary pancakes they designed at camp for their family on a Sunday morning.

What are you most excited about for this major?

I'm most excited about the recipe books. We redesigned the recipes in Chefology to allow for more customization and innovation in each dish. So instead of traditional recipes with one set of ingredients and steps, we have choose-your-own-adventure style recipes (that to my knowledge don't exist anywhere but Galileo). It's super fun to use and since each camper gets to take their recipe books home, they can keep using these innovation recipes after camp. I actually love the recipe book so much that I have a copy of it that I use at home.

What will be the most exciting part of this major for campers? The most challenging?

In general, it's always exciting for campers to eat something they created themselves. I think in Breakfast Club, the most exciting recipe is also the most challenging: bagels! Campers are surprised that they can make a dish like bagels from scratch because it seems so complicated. It is actually a fairly involved and complex process (rising and kneading the dough, forming, boiling and baking), but I think the sophistication of the recipe also makes it exciting. Plus, the end result—a fresh-from-the-oven, baked-from-scratch bagel—is definitely worth the effort.

How will campers practice the Galileo Innovation Approach in this major?

Campers are working in groups each day of the week, which is an amazing opportunity for them to strengthen their collaborative mindset. Each day campers practice collaborative planning strategies like active listening, practicing using “yes, and…” and finding ways to combine parts of everyone's ideas to create new ones. Activities are also specifically designed to help campers see the value of multiple perspectives. For example, campers work together during a smoothie activity where everyone picks an ingredient without knowing what the others picked, and the group has to find a way to use everyone's ingredient in their collaborative creation. Campers are often surprised at how an ingredient they would have never picked actually tastes delicious.