Blog: The Tech Summer Camps

One-of-a-kind camp. One-of-a-kind design.

This year’s Summer Camps @ The Tech t-shirt design is inspired by the unique curriculum and culture of our flourishing collaboration with The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Our stellar staff never ceases to awe us with their commitment and creativity. This year, for example, when we asked them to help us design our 2018 Summer Camps @ The Tech t-shirt, we got so many incredible options that we

Cultivating creativity through creative spaces

Galileo Founder & CEO, Glen Tripp

At Galileo, we know that physical space is a key component of cultivating creativity—we go to great lengths every summer to transform traditional school classrooms into buzzing hives of innovation. One thing you can do to help bring out your child’s inner artist is make a special spot in your home just for creating. It can be in the garage, in the kitchen, in a

How the GIA Comes to Life @ Summer Camps @ The Tech

At our camps, the Galileo Innovation Approach (GIA) is integral to everything we do. From campers of every age to staffers at every level, Galileans learn to apply an Innovator's Mindset (one that is visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined and reflective), understand Innovator's Knowledge (the ideas, contexts and skills that relate to their work), and use the Innovator's Process (from

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Molecular Gastronomy

Campers in Molecular Gastronomy rolled up their sleeves and played with their food - for science! From solid beverages to jelly fruit to veggie bubbles, campers used the principles and tools of chemistry, physics, and biology to alter the properties of food and present new dishes in weird and wacky ways.

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Lego Robotics

In Lego Robotics, campers designed, built, and commanded their own Lego-powered robots. Using Technic pieces for building and Mindstorm EV3 software for programming, campers taught their bots to retrieve objects, maneuver obstacles, and battle other robots.

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Digital Filmmaking

Campers turned their Hollywood visions into realitiy, working with production teams and using iMovie to amek all the pieces of their movie masterpeieces--script, direction, lighting, sound, editing, green screen, special effects, and more--come to life on the big screen.

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Exhibits

In the Cyber Detectives exhibit, campers stepped into cyber sleuth roles in the nation's first exhibit designed to help visitors learn about Internet safety.

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Computer Programming

Computer Programming campers learned the basics of programming from the ground up. Using Scratch and, campers unraveled the mysteries of variables, loops, and conditional statements, walking away with their own games and graphics.

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Circuits and Electronics

Campers got inside their gadgets in Circuits and Electronics, learning about the circuit theory that makes their contraptions tick. Starting with snap circuits and moving through conductors, transistors, motors, and lights, campers created original products of their own design, usable in their homes.

Summer Camps @ The Tech: Junior MD

Campers in Junior MD took their first steps towards careers in medicine as they made their rounds at The Tech Med School. Campers learned the basics of anatomy and physiology, took on real-life case studies, dove into dissections, and made practical diagnoses.