Blog: Summer Quest Majors

Galileo Summer Quest: Go Kart Builders

Go-Karts campers collaborate  on hood and seat configurations, then get building to turn their designs into rideable realities.

Galileo Summer Quest: 3-D Modeling & Printing

Campers majoring in 3-D Modeling & Printing display some hot-off-the-press creations from a galaxy far, far away.

Galileo Summer Quest: Chefology - International Eats

Chefology campers practice being determined as they take on the most challenging dish of the week, kuku sabzi.

Galileo Summer Quest: Fashion Design

Fashion Design majors refine their visions, then buckle down on the final garmets for their own custom lines.

Galileo Summer Quest: Mod Design with Minecraft

Mod Design with Minecraft campers customize mobs to build in-game showcases to share what they've created.

Galileo Summer Quest: Electric Painting Studio

Campers in Electric Painting Studio experiment with color and line to create dynamic paintings, with an eye for the placement of their electrical components.

Galileo Summer Quest: Digital Photography

Campers majoring in Digital Photography use Photoshop to polish a selection of favorite shots in preparation for an end-of-session photo showcase.

Galileo Summer Quest: Launch Lab - Catapults

Campers take to the Launch Lab to design, build, and test siege machines fine-tuned for distance, height, and accuracy.

Galileo Summer Quest: Chefology - Decadent Desserts

In Chefology: Decadent Desserts, campers innovate on a basic ice cream recipe to create new flavors.

Galileo Summer Quest: Inventor’s Workshop

Inventor's Workshop campers collaborate to build a Rube Goldberg-style candy moving machine.