Blog: Summer Quest Majors

Behind the Major: Mobile Game Design

Summer’s just around the corner, and there’s so much to be excited about: new friends, new opportunities to fail fearlessly, and at Galileo Summer Quest, an all-new Mobile Game Design major. We sat down with Lance Akiyama, Galileo’s science curriculum manager, to learn more about this latest innovation.

What do you love about the Mobile Game Design major?

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Galileo Summer Quest: Go Kart Builders

Go-Karts campers collaborate  on hood and seat configurations, then get building to turn their designs into rideable realities.

Galileo Summer Quest: 3-D Modeling & Printing

Campers majoring in 3-D Modeling & Printing display some hot-off-the-press creations from a galaxy far, far away.

Galileo Summer Quest: Chefology - International Eats

Chefology campers practice being determined as they take on the most challenging dish of the week, kuku sabzi.

Galileo Summer Quest: Fashion Design

Fashion Design majors refine their visions, then buckle down on the final garmets for their own custom lines.

Galileo Summer Quest: Mod Design with Minecraft

Mod Design with Minecraft campers customize mobs to build in-game showcases to share what they've created.

Galileo Summer Quest: Electric Painting Studio

Campers in Electric Painting Studio experiment with color and line to create dynamic paintings, with an eye for the placement of their electrical components.

Galileo Summer Quest: Digital Photography

Campers majoring in Digital Photography use Photoshop to polish a selection of favorite shots in preparation for an end-of-session photo showcase.

Galileo Summer Quest: Launch Lab - Catapults

Campers take to the Launch Lab to design, build, and test siege machines fine-tuned for distance, height, and accuracy.

Galileo Summer Quest: Chefology - Decadent Desserts

In Chefology: Decadent Desserts, campers innovate on a basic ice cream recipe to create new flavors.