Blog: Chabot Space & Science Camp

Cultivating creativity through creative spaces

Galileo Founder & CEO, Glen Tripp

At Galileo, we know that physical space is a key component of cultivating creativity—we go to great lengths every summer to transform traditional school classrooms into buzzing hives of innovation. One thing you can do to help bring out your child’s inner artist is make a special spot in your home just for creating. It can be in the garage, in the kitchen, in a

Lego Robotics

Campers use Lego Mindstorm NXT software and Technic building pieces to design their own robots.


Greengineering campers learn to harness the power of wind, water and sun to electrify a circuit and design a room run entirely by their own renewable technology.

Challenger Learning Center

Campers in the Mars Explorers class board the Bay Area's only Challenger Learning Center® to navigate a mission-critical Voyage to Mars.

Video Game Design

Campers in Chabot's Video Game Design class learn the basics of gameplay, character development, backdrops and scoring. They also work with their fellow designers and Multimedia Fusion 2 to plan, program and play their original video games.

Music & Technology

Campers in the Music & Technology class get to rock out with digital music they've produced themselves.

Mars Explorers

Campers in the Mars Explorers class craft rovers that will survive the grueling elements, redesigning along the way.

Rock On!

In our Music & Technology class, campers get to rock out to musical compositions of their own creations.

Rocket Lab

Future Rocket Scientists at Chabot Space & Science Camp launch (and show-off) pop rockets they've crafted in class today.

DIY: Origami Gift Boxes

The weather and the season lend themselves perfectly to learning origami. It's the perfect way to spend an afternoon, and while it looks like handiwork, it's also a great brain workout. Some origami patterns are easier than they look, but they get much easier each time you make them. 

Making tiny boxes is fun for kids, and they are an easy entry point to origami. Even better, if that they