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Alternative Halloween Treats That Provide Nutrition and Inspiration

Though Halloween is a holiday traditionally associated with candy and sweet treats, most parents try to ensure some balance in kids’ diets around this time of year. Some kids are happy to consume nutritious foods, but others prefer the sweet stuff hands down. Luckily, healthy foods become more palatable when you can capture kids’ imagination in the process of preparation and presentation. And

Helping Children With Anxiety: Building Confidence and Determination

The school year has started, and with it come schedules, extracurricular activities, homework assignments and deadlines. The demands can be stressful and anxiety-inducing in some cases. Despite our best efforts to manage stress for our kids, anxiety occasionally creeps in. We can help them, in the moment, to relax and let go of worries and negative emotions. Once the crisis has passed, it’s a

How Daylight Savings Time Changes Impact Kids and How Can Parents Help Them Adjust

Spring forward, fall back—we dread one and look forward to the other. That cyclic manipulation of daylight that illuminates our daily commute is an annual phenomenon to which we must adjust twice every year. Like jet lag, it can affect our mood, our energy level and our productivity during the necessary adjustment period. As adults, we know it’s coming and can take compensatory action, but what

Halloween STEM Activities Combine Learning and Holiday Fun

Say “Halloween” and kids will most likely think costumes and candy, but did you know that this favorite fall holiday is a great time to try some fun and enriching STEM activities? The imagery and excitement generated by this one special night can support a whole month’s worth of fun with science, technology, engineering and math. Add in art and kids can enjoy a STEAM-y October filled with fun and

How College Prep Summer Camp Can Start Young and Be Rooted in Fun

What does college and career readiness look like in the 21st century? With the wide range of college majors and career programs available, readiness is not a narrowly defined set of content standards. The reality is that the new emphasis on college and career readiness has kids focused on college prep from a much earlier age and with a much broader perspective. College prep appropriately starts

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Engineering DIY Halloween Costume Ideas That Inspire Creativity and Innovation

Some kids start thinking about Halloween costumes early; others wait until the last minute. Some may have wildly creative ideas for elaborate outfits, but then there are those who settle for a baseball cap and a pillowcase to hold their candy. With a little support from an understanding parent or teacher and a bit of a head start, kids can engineer their own DIY Halloween costume ideas and be

Fall STEAM Ahead: Elementary STEAM projects With Autumn Apples

As summer draws to a close and autumn arrives, the richness of the season invites us to see the changing colors, hear the crackle of falling leaves, feel the cooler temperatures, smell the warm spices and taste the seasonal harvest. One of the most outstanding features of fall is the ripening of apples: red, yellow and green. The crisp, sweet fruit is delicious whether eaten raw or baked into a

How to Make the Benefits of Summer Camp Last Throughout the School Year

Summer Camp may have come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fun and learning have to end. Kids who have spent the summer engaged in fun and phenomenal learning activities are already primed for an exciting and productive school year. Camps that invite kids to take risks and champion success help them to grow and reinforce self-confidence. If that camp experience has included activities and

Managing the Back to School Slump: Inspiring Kids When Motivation Is Low

Kids and parents alike look forward to summer vacation with a passion. The sunny weather, relaxed pace and lack of school obligations make it the favorite season for many. So, when fall rolls around and the school schedule resumes, the changing routine can have an impact on the whole family. Though some kids look forward to it, others view it with dread. By anticipating the impending event,