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Cooking Summer Camps in Chicago Teach a New Kind of Art and Science

Food is sustenance, our primary energy source. The kitchen, where we prepare it, is the heart of our homes; it’s the place where we gather and hang out. But the kitchen is also a laboratory stocked with high-tech equipment, where ingredients are combined in precise proportions and chemical reactions take place. Its tools and measuring devices allow for temperature control and quantification. At

How the Best Summer Learning Programs for Elementary Students Create Innovators

Curiosity is a powerful force. In the evolution of human beings, the desire and drive to explore new places likely motivated the migration of our earliest ancestors to every corner of the Earth. That same curiosity powered the questions that caused humans to take risks, conduct research and invent new things. It is at the root of all exploration, discovery and innovation.  History has shown that

Behind the major: YouTube Producers

Last summer, the YouTube Producers major made its debut at Galileo Summer Quest and received rave reviews from our families—but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t room for redesign. We sat down with Heather Murphy, Galileo’s senior art curriculum developer and the brain behind YouTube Producers, to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what’s new this summer for a major that’s back by popular demand.

A message from our SoCal VP, Sarah

Dear Families,

My name is Sarah McDonald. I’m Galileo’s Vice President of Southern California Operations and a SoCal native. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be innovating in six new communities this summer, including our very first San Diego location in Carlsbad. I have been dreaming of introducing this inspiring camp culture and powerful growth experience to kids back home since I joined

What Summer Camp Enrichment Programs For Gifted Students Can Offer

We have all had the experience of feeling bored when we know how something works and others are catching up. Sometimes we try to find alternative activities while we wait. Gifted kids tend to experience this feeling more often, and in the schools of the past, teachers may have given them extra roles as messengers or tutors to help fill their time. 

This may have once seemed like a good solution,

Chicago Director Tajalli Horvat On Summer Camp, Our New Northbrook Location and Galileo in 2018

Tajalli Horvat

Tajalli Horvat’s kindergarten-aged daughter returned home from the final day of her week-long session at Galileo’s Chicago day camp using a new vocabulary. Terms such as “visionary” and “courageous” were now part of her lexicon. This shift was quite noticeable in other areas too—such as her new habit of accepting and learning from her failures, and growing from them. A longtime Galileo

Your Guide to Academic (and Fun!) 2018 SF Bay Area Summer Camps

Have you heard of summer brain drain? It’s a very real phenomenon whereby, in the summer months when they are less active, kids lose many of the skills and strategies they worked so hard to develop during the school year. And this doesn’t just apply to academics; kids can lose motor skills and other learned skills as well, such as musical or sports capabilities.

But according to experts, simply

Preschool Summer Camp: What Parents Can Expect for Their Kid

Preschool kids are both wonderful and filled with wonder. They greet the world with inquisitive attitudes, wide eyes and welcoming smiles. As enthusiastic learners, curiosity leads kids of this age to explore their surroundings. Like budding scientists, they observe the world with their senses. They boast a sense of pride and accomplishment when they do something new. “I can do it myself,” is

Setting Family Resolutions - it’s not too late

Dear families,

Welcome to 2018! Last week we reminded you that one of the Innovator’s Mindset elements is being REFLECTIVE. Innovators think about what is and isn’t working in their design, consider how their work impacts others, and seek feedback that helps them improve their design.

No doubt the end of 2017 and start of 2018 have caused you to reflect on your year, and perhaps you’ve thought

A Year in Reflection

Dear Families,

At Galileo, we believe that innovators are visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined and reflective. Together, these traits encompass what we call the Innovator’s Mindset, and everything we do is designed to nurture it within our campers.

The end of the year is a perfect time to “Be Reflective.” For us, this means thinking about all the ways our programs are impacting