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The Galileo Glossary

There’s a lot that goes on during the camp day, and coaxing the details out of your camper isn’t always easy. Between digging into projects and piecing together the names of staffers, words like “Chickenopoly” and “Red Supergiant” can seem like total question marks. That’s why we compiled this handy list of often-used phrases and unique-to-Galileo acronyms.


Marvelous Mistake

At camp, we

From Camper to Innovator with the Galileo Innovation Approach®

We are on a mission to develop a future full of innovators. But what is an innovator, and how do we get there?

We could try and explain the true impact our programs have on campers, but we find it’s always better to hear it from our campers themselves. We asked one of our campers to explain what he learned during his week at camp:


An innovator is someone who sees themself as an

Hands-On Summer Activities for Older Kids Engage All Parts of the Brain

Everybody has a learning style, and no two are alike. Some of us are very visual, needing to see a problem with our eyes, while others are auditory and can picture images in their heads. Still others are hands-on learners who absorb information best when they have access to objects they can hold and manipulate. The majority of people, however, prefer some combination of learning modalities, or

Video Production and Filmmaking Summer Camps Help Middle Schoolers Tell Their Stories

No Hollywood budget is necessary; no expensive camera equipment needed. Though telling your story through film was once a costly undertaking, things have changed. Video-sharing websites, like YouTube, have made it possible for content creators to easily share their work with a worldwide audience. A cell phone camera or tablet and internet access are really the only requirements to make and post a

The Many Surprising Uses and Applications of Virtual Reality Can Expand Kids’ Minds

Virtual reality: total science fiction stuff—or is it? Defined by the Virtual Reality Society as the combined meaning of the separate words: virtual (close to) and reality (what humans perceive), virtual reality is a computer-generated image that is close to what humans naturally perceive in their environment. A lot of practical and exciting applications are becoming evident as people gain

The Maker Movement - Fun Summer Activities for Kids

There’s a change taking place in schools and public libraries all over the country. Much like the one that occurred thirty years ago when bookshelves were rearranged to introduce more room for computers, libraries are now making room for makerspaces. From preschool classrooms to university design studios, creativity is being prioritized and celebrated. Outside of classrooms, too, communities are

Summer Activities for SF Bay Area Tweens and Preteens Build Independence and Confidence

With the school year drawing to a close, parents will understandably be contemplating the summer months stretched out before them. With a little research and some thoughtful planning, the summer vacation can be a time of relaxation, rejuvenation and significant growth. With less time required for academic pursuits, there is a real opportunity for kids to explore personal interests and build some

Ease the Transition to Middle School With An Innovative Summer Camp Program

The transition to middle school is a big deal for kids. It represents a major developmental milestone that occurs at a particularly vulnerable time. As a result, though there is usually excitement and anticipation associated with this major step, it can be a little nerve-wracking. It’s natural to want to make this transition as painless as possible, and parents often seek to ease their tween’s

Tech Camps for Kids Teach Valuable Skills

Though kids’ idea of summer fun might be endless hours of video games, cartoons or just hanging out with friends, many parents prefer to create a bit of structure for summer downtime. Scheduled activities and chores might be part of the game plan, but summer is a “vacation” after all. So where does the balance exist? A good rule of thumb is to make a plan that allows for relaxation,

STEM vs STEAM: Which Type of Summer Camp Is Best for Your Kids?

STEM vs STEAM, what’s the difference and why the hype? What difference does a letter make? Science, technology, engineering, arts and math constitute STEM and STEAM (arts being a more recent addition, supported by evidence about the benefits of forming cross-brain connections). The careers—and in fact, the world—that today’s kids will grow into will be highly innovative and technical. To succeed,