Blog: Behind the Themes (and Majors)

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Nebulas (Pre K - K) explore patterns as they create handles for one-of-a-kind bubble wands.

Galileo Summer Quest: Go Kart Builders

Go-Karts campers collaborate  on hood and seat configurations, then get building to turn their designs into rideable realities.

Galileo Summer Quest: 3-D Modeling & Printing

Campers majoring in 3-D Modeling & Printing display some hot-off-the-press creations from a galaxy far, far away.

Galileo Summer Quest: Chefology - International Eats

Chefology campers practice being determined as they take on the most challenging dish of the week, kuku sabzi.

Galileo Summer Quest: Fashion Design

Fashion Design majors refine their visions, then buckle down on the final garmets for their own custom lines.

Galileo Summer Quest: Mod Design with Minecraft

Mod Design with Minecraft campers customize mobs to build in-game showcases to share what they've created.

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Stars (1st - 2nd) wire basic circuits to power spectacular spin art machines that turns simple-looking drawings into eye-opening optical iillusions.

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Supernovas (3rd - 5th) toy with line, shape and color as they craft kaleidoscopes from mirrors, tubes and their own abstract artwork. Then, campers head outside to test their creations.

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Stars (1st - 2nd) practice paper-crafting techniques as they construct custom 3-D fantasy vehicles.

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Nebulas (Pre K - K) tee up some serious fun in science. Using their knowledge of friction and stable structures, campers construct portable mini golf courses and clubs.