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Galileo Summer Quest Changed My Daughter’s Life

There was no dramatic lightning bolt. It’s not like Galileo Summer Quest had an intervention with my daughter, but the impact it had on her has been dramatic. The changes were both subtle and not, and they’ve unfolded over time, still evident months after we drove away from camp.

We sent a nine year old, rising fifth grader to four weeks of GSQ, despite her hesitation to leave her beloved

Chloe Chronicles: Confidence and Taste Buds are Growing

Chloe ended last summer Camp Galileo loyal. As a rising 5th grader, she got her choice of Camp Galileo or Galileo Summer Quest this year, but her love of Camp Galileo was strong enough that she didn’t want to leave it behind at all. She had begun camp many years ago as a Nebula, after all, and didn’t feel ready to graduate.

When the brochure for GSQ arrived at the start of the year, Chloe got

It’s Galileo Time!

This post was written by Kari Dahlen of The Karianna Spectrum and A Spectrum of Reviews

Last year, my kids went gaga over Galileo. My oldest had been in search of a video game design camp, and Galileo Summer Quest's video game design course definitely fit the bill. Meanwhile, my youngest enjoyed Camp G's "Detective in Paris" unit and begged me to let him return the following summer.


Extended Care at Galileo: Aftercare that’s not an afterthought

This post is written by Ana of Bonggmom Finds, following a week of Camp Galileo for her twin boys and a week of GSQ for her daughter. 

Like most summer camps, Galileo Learning's camps (Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest) run from 9:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., which is great for parents with flexible schedules, but not so great for parents who face the 9-to-5 grind (and not so great for the

Our Last Week of Camp

This is an excerpt of a post written by Jessica Okui of Zakka Life following her daughter's week of Camp Galileo. The week prior, she'd written about her son's camp experience too. 

We wrapped up our last week of Camp Galileo with Celebrate the Golden Gate. You may remember from my last post that I mentioned Camp Galileo has a different theme each week.  This week my daughter learned about

Dylan and Elishama Build Bridges

Dylan had a great week last week, and he was so proud of the bridge he constructed, tested and built.  He was just beaming when I picked him up.

-Nancy Miller, Camp Galileo mom

Camp Galileo Advocates Use Creativity and Innovation

Camp Galileo was a sponsor for an event at my kids' school. When our event rolled around,  Galileo did not have enough banners for us. No problem! My kids, who have been campers ever since they entered kindergarten, became a two-person publicity committee and created their own, with drawings of all the themes that they had learned about in previous summers. When it blew down, they brought it

Time for Camp! Sending the Kids off to Camp Galileo Los Altos

This is an excerpt of a post written by Jessica Rosenberg at It's My Life

I am sitting at my desk, hot cup of coffee at my right, long to do list at my left, and can you hear that? No? Well, that's because there's nothing to hear. No "MAMA!!" No yelling. No playing or laughing. Not even the sound of the TV.


This moment of serenity today is being brought to you, well, to me

Learning Greek Art at Camp Galileo Olympics

This post was written by Robyn Roark of Silicon Valley Mamas

Please tell me that I'm not the only mother who asks "How was camp?" at the end of a full day at Camp Galileo and only get back a response of "It was good." My son pours through the camp themes, begs to go every year, and then can only muster "It was good" when asked. Go figure. That's why I love the Camp Galileo news that I

Camp Galileo From a Parent’s View: Fun and Science in Saratoga

This is a second post written by Akemi at Chalk and Cheese Chronicles, following her sons' week at Camp Galileo Saratoga. She's @svtwinmom on Twitter.

My boys kicked off their summer at the Saratoga location of Camp Galileo last week. The theme was Celebrate the Golden Gate, in honor of the Golden Gate's 75th anniversary this year.

We're only two weeks into summer and we already have Camp G