The World Needs Innovators

Here’s a quick overview of our wild-eyed vision—and SIX other things that distinguish Galileo from other camps.

1. We have a totally audacious mission

We think the world needs innovators. We also think kids who learn to explore and fail without fear—the essence of innovation—are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges. They don’t always get this incredible boost in other settings, but thousands of them have been getting it at Galileo since 2002.

2. We have programs for kids from pre-K through 8th grade

Drawing heavily from the innovation process inspired by the Stanford, we design and run a constantly-evolving series of programs for kids from pre-K through 8th grade. For kids pre-K through 5th grade, there’s Camp Galileo. For kids from 5th grade through 8th, there’s Galileo Summer Quest. We also design and run camps for The Tech Museum of Innovation—4th-8th grade.

3. We have over 70 locations in the Bay Area, SoCal and Chicagoland

The demand for our camps grows every summer, so there’s likely to be a location near you. That means you don’t have to choose between the demands of work and life and treating your kids to a thrilling and potentially life-altering experience. To add to the convenience, we offer extended care from 8 am to 6 pm, and an optional healthy lunch program.

4. Our instructors and counselors are the best in the business

A camp is only as good as the people who nurture and inspire your kids every day. Our screening process is meticulous. Only the sharpest and most talented instructors, counselors and interns make the cut. Many are professional teachers and educators. Many have also been with us for many years. Each camp location bears their unique stamp, and pulsates with their infectious energy.

5. Camp Galileo combines art, science and outdoor activities around weekly themes

We group kids pre-K through 5th grade into three age levels. Then we welcome our budding innovators into a world constructed around a weekly theme bursting with creative possibilities. Each day, campers participate in a carefully integrated mix of art, science and outdoor activities, calibrated for their age group and presented via a whimsical week-long narrative arc. They learn game-changing lessons, like the innovator’s mindset, the power of collaboration and how to embrace rather than fear mistakes. Learn more here.

6. at Galileo Summer Quest, campers choose week-long “majors”

Older innovators choose from over a dozen majors, then spend an entire week at a time focused on realizing their own personal vision—whether they’re designing a fashion line or video game, creating their signature recipe, or building a high-performance go-kart. We surround our campers with expert instructors, professional tools and materials, and eager collaborators. The rest is pure innovation. Learn more and see the complete list of majors here.

7. Our patron saint is one of history’s most prodigious innovators

When Stanford grad Glen Tripp established our first camp in Palo Alto in 2002, he named it after 16th-century wildman Galileo Galilei. He wasn’t trying to create a generation of heretics. He wanted to instill in kids the same spirit of fearlessness and creative action embodied by Galileo. That gene was inherited by visionaries like Frida Kahlo, Miles Davis and Steve Jobs. Now we’re passing it on to the next generation of fearless innovators to create a bright new world.