Partner Camps:
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Two of the Bay Area’s most prominent science and technology institutions wanted to create summer camps to ignite young innovators. So they called us.

We work closely with The Tech Museum of Innovation and the Chabot Space & Science Center to design their curricula and operate their summer camps. For a slightly different spin on the Galileo experience, check out these two flourishing collaborations:

The Tech Summer Camps

Entering 4th to 8th grades

Our partnership with the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose produces more than 20 intensive science and technology classes for aspiring innovators. Campers can spend a week immersed in Mobile App Design, Kitchen Chemistry, Junior Surgeons, Forensic Science, Filmmaking and many more riveting real-world experiences.

Learn more at The Tech Museum of Innovation website.

Chabot Space & Science Camp

Entering 3rd to 7th grades

Together with Chabot, we offer 13 hands-on engineering, technology and earth and space science classes at the Chabot Space & Science Center in the Oakland Hills. Classes include Lego Robotics, GPS Treasure Hunt, Deep Space: Comets and Meteors, Video Game Design, Survivor: Chabot, and the wildly popular Rocket Lab.

Find complete class descriptions and learn more at the Chabot Space & Science Center website.