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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Below you’ll find FAQs for Summer Staff, Camp Director, or Galileo HQ applicants.

Summer Staff

How do I apply?

Steps one and two are to check out a detailed outline of our hiring process, as well as some tips and tricks for putting your best foot forward. Then visit our Summer Jobs page to learn more about our summer positions and locations.

Application Guide and Hiring Process

I already applied and have been hired to work at camp. What's next?

First of all, congratulations! The first step is always to make sure we have your signed, accepted offer letter by sending it to This FAQ document should help you take it from there:

hired Staff FAQ

For what position or site should I apply?

Our application process is designed to welcome as many exceptional people into our community as possible – apply for the position and location that feel best, and if you’re invited to submit a video or participate in a phone interview, we’ll work with you to find a match. We recommend taking the following steps to be sure you have the information you need before submitting your application:

  • View our maps of camp locations below
  • Review the positions on the Summer Jobs page to find the right (or closest) fit
  • Select the position within your desired region, and tell us your specific location preferences in your application

Bay Area Camp Locations

Los Angeles Area Camp Locations

Chicagoland Camp Locations

Camp Start & End Dates (by Location)

I want to work at camp but can’t commit to all summer dates. Should I still apply?

Yes! We’re looking for applicants who are available for all camp dates at a specific site. Although our full summer season runs from early June through mid-August, some sites begin later or end earlier. If your schedule allows you to work the full summer at any of your preferred sites, we encourage you to apply and provide as much detail as possible about your schedule within your application.

In addition to hiring full-time, full-summer staff, we hire a number of staff to fill shorter commitments as substitute staff members. If you are open to multiple camp locations, and are interested in this type of role, we encourage you to apply for one of our Substitute positions.

Is housing provided for summer camp staff?

As Galileo operates day camps, housing is not provided for campers or staff.

I applied for a position! What happens next?

Once you’ve successfully applied, next steps in our hiring process will be communicated via email. You’ll always hear from us, regardless of our decision regarding your candidacy. If you submitted an application and have not heard from us within five business days, check the spam folder of your email account, and then call us at 510.595.7293 x2.

What are the steps of the summer staff hiring process?

I’m not quite 16 years old. Can I apply to be a Summer Intern?

It is our non-negotiable policy that all staff must be 16 years old by the start of employment (the first day of camp at your specific camp location). If you don’t quite make the cutoff, we hope you’ll apply in future seasons, post-sweet 16.

If a job is listed on your website, is it still available?

If you see a position listed, it’s most likely still available at one of our sites. Because we hire hundreds of staff on a rolling basis, we aren’t able to update listings each time a staff member is hired. We ask you to be as open as possible to other positions and locations if your first choice isn’t available. If you’re invited to the next stage of the hiring process, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss position and location availability in more detail.

I am an international candidate interested in applying. Am I eligible to work at Galileo?

We accept applications from all candidates who are eligible to work in the United States. International staff must have a visa that allows the holder to work for any employer (not only the visa-sponsoring employer). Most student visas only allow employment related directly to coursework, and so generally cannot be used for employment with Galileo. International applicants must be able to provide proof of employment eligibility. If you have questions about whether you are eligible to work in the U.S., please contact the agency that issued your visa.

Do staffers get a discount if they sign up their kids for a Galileo camp?

Summer staff members are eligible to receive one free week of camp, and 50% off additional weeks for their kids. This discount does not apply to other family members.

Camp Director

When should I apply?

We accept applications for great Camp Director candidates year round. We begin interviewing as early as mid-summer for the following season, so recommend applying early. Positions fill on a rolling basis, and the earlier you apply the better your chances of finding a fit.

Which locations are seeking Camp Directors?

The Camp Director team is made up of over 50 spectacular leaders, all with varying plans from one summer to the next. Some are with Galileo for the standard 3 year commitment; others have been with us for a decade. Between existing Camp Director turnover, and new site openings, we generally have at least one opening in each of our 10 (5-7 site) regions each year. You’ll have an opportunity to indicate your preferences on the application, and we discuss specifics at the in-person interview stage.

I’m a former Galileo camp staff member, and I’d like to be a Camp Director in the future, but I’m not sure about the upcoming season. Should I apply?

The short answer is: Yes! We’d be delighted to see your application, even if you’re still on the fence for one reason or another. Applying early gives you an opportunity to discuss the role in depth with the Galileo team, lets us know you’re interested, and allows your Area Director to support your growth into the CD role, this year or someday in the future. Apply away. We can’t wait to talk to you about your potential to take a seat in the director’s chair.

Why do you require a three summer commitment?

Camp Directors are the driving force behind building and maintaining relationships with our camp communities. From campers and families to staff and school sites, the Camp Director is the glue that holds it all together. Consistency gives every camp a stronger foothold in its community, and allows each Camp Director to fully take advantage of the training and professional development which is part of the Camp Director role—growing into an even stronger manager, educator, leader and professional. It’s a win-win.


What do you do during the non-summer months?

We get this one a lot, and we understand why. If Galileo runs summer camps, what do we do when camp isn’t operating? The short answer is: everything but deliver our programs. Or, everything that makes sure our programs are exceptional. With three programs in over 50 locations, operations need to be stellar, and we work year round on planning and improving them. We also develop all curricula in-house, and deliver new and improved projects, stories, and themes every single summer. And, we hire thousands of incredible staff members to make camp run (not to mention change lives). The process for bringing these folks on board is substantial. Our marketing team tells the world our story, and our Customer Service team enrolls thousands of weeks of camp. We have quite a big job cut out for us, and the fall and spring are crucial to our success.

I really want to join your team, but don’t see any open positions. How can I find out when new positions open at Galileo HQ?

Join our mailing list! You can specify the type of job(s) you’re most interested in, and we’ll email you about newly-opened positions.

What do you most look for in an HQ candidate?

As a mission-driven company, we’re dedicated to fulfilling our goal to develop innovators who envision and create a better world, while embodying our values daily. We look for HQ candidates who resonate with our mission, share in our values, and want to be a part of a do-whatever-it-takes, playful team that practices what we strive to bring to our campers: real challenges, chances to fail, big wins, and F-U-N.

How do I apply?

Start by checking out our detailed guide to our application process. Next, head over to our HQ Jobs page and review the brief descriptions of our open positions. Click through to see the full position description and access the online application. Before beginning your application, you’ll need 30-50 minutes of uninterrupted time, a digital copy of your resume (Word, PDF, .txt, Dropbox or Google Drive are all acceptable formats) and names and contact information for up to three references.

Application Guide and Hiring Process

Which positions are currently open?

All positions currently open on our headquarters team and at our warehouse can be found on the HQ Jobs page of our website. We post year-round positions as they become available, and each fall begin the hiring process for seasonal roles (January – June/August) on our People Operations, Customer Service and Warehouse teams.

Where is Galileo HQ located?

Our headquarters offices are in Oakland, with our warehouse located in Hayward. We also have two satellite HQ teams that work from offices in Southern California and Chicago.

What are the steps of the Headquarters hiring process?

Below are the steps of Galileo’s hiring process for positions at our headquarters. Between each stage, the Galileo team decides on the appropriate next step and communicates with each candidate. Whether or not we decide to invite an applicant to the next stage, each applicant will hear about next steps by phone or email, often within 2-4 business days and no longer than one week. This process is ongoing until we find the right fit for our team, and can involve multiple in-person interviews with Galileo leadership team members depending upon the position.

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