High Technology

Music Producers New!

Create your own debut album during this new major’s debut summer. Experiment with GarageBand to create personalized ringtones. Explore the ins and outs of Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) as you generate a unique fusion of sounds. Choose your digital instruments, set your beat and create original songs, each with a structured chorus and creative bridge. Learn how to remix classics for a fresh sound. Share your masterpiece at an end-of-session music mash-up.

Music Producers is open to campers of all experience levels. No prior knowledge of music or music technology required.

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Intro to Video Game Design

Power up and find out what it takes to create a unique video game universe. Explore the basics of gameplay and game mechanics with MultiMedia Fusion 2. Learn how to design puzzle, platform, adventure, action and maze games. Take on the role of interaction designer, graphic lead, software engineer or creative director. Team up with a partner to build a game, from paper prototype to playable demo. Beta test your original game and share it at an end-of-session game expo.

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Video Game Design Advanced

Take your game design skills to the next level. Go deep with Multimedia Fusion 2 as you leverage logic, math and physics principles to achieve high-impact effects. Learn to assemble cut-scenes to develop plot and character. Create custom sound and animation. Use the techniques of professional game designers to build your own levels, art or programming. Work with a team to design and test a cohesive game to take home.

Video Game Design Advanced is for campers with previous experience in Video Game Design. While it’s not required for campers to have taken Intro to Video Game design at Galileo Summer Quest, it is recommended.

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Website Design

Discover the wonders of the web as you build your own site. Use Wix to make your website vision a reality, refining design, functionality and user experience. Learn how to use color, layout and typography to express your message. Make your site stand out by embedding widgets like games, photos and videos, or create your own unique look by altering the HTML code. Publish a one-of-a-kind site that you can continue using and improving after camp.

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