High Technology

Mod Design with Minecraft® - New

Hack the Minecraft code. Learn the basics of Java as you “Mod”-ify the game to fit your vision, adding blocks, items and creatures of your own design. Pick a theme for your Mod, then use GIMP to shape and color your design and Eclipse to code your ideas into digital reality.

Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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3-D Modeling & Printing - New

Take your designs to another dimension, using the strategies of industrial engineers and cutting-edge printing technology. Learn the basics of three-dimensional modeling as you plan your design, use Tinkercad software to model it and produce it on an in-class 3-D printer. Share your objects and experiences at an end-of-session showcase.

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Digital Music Producers

Make amazing, original music. Create a collection of compositions including personalized ringtones, remixes, mini-movie soundtracks and a complete album of original songs. Use MIDI to make your own customized beats and Garageband to layer your songs, then debut your masterpieces at an end-of-session music mash-up.

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Video Game Design

Power up and learn what it takes to design a video game universe. Work with a team to prototype and produce your own playable game using the design strategies and development tools of the pros. After plenty of playing and beta testing, show off your original game at an end-of-session expo.

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Website Design

Build your own working website from start to finish. Learn the basics of web design as you use Wix development software to create thoughtfully designed, content rich, widget-embedded pages. At the end of the week, publish an original site that brings attention to an important cause or shares a unique message.

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