Builders and Makers

Go-Kart Builders

Climb into the driver's seat of your own custom kart. Using a gravity car kit as your foundation, learn to safely use hand and power tools to construct your kart—including its wheels and axles, steering column, hood and seat. Work with your fellow crew members to test and redesign. Use acrylic paints to add custom styling. Roll home with a ride that reflects your designer's sensibility and builder's eye.

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Go-Karts Extreme

Take the custom kart you built in Go-Kart Builders and transform it. Refine your woodworking skills and rebuild your original kart to improve both form and function. Trick it out with upgrades including larger rear wheels, springs, hinges and lights. Engineer braking systems, doors or bumpers to fit your individual style. Roll out your high-performance go-kart at an end-of-session auto show.

Go-Karts Extreme is for campers who have already made go-karts in the Go-Kart Builders major at Galileo Summer Quest.

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Inventor's Workshop

Investigate and improve the world around you in this freshly updated major. Create parallel and series circuits with conductive paint, then use what you learn to wire an electric car. Learn the basics of joinery and structural engineering as you construct cardboard furniture. Experiment with simple machines to design a complex, collaborative Rube Goldberg contraption. Brainstorm and test new ideas to prototype your own original invention.

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