2017 Pre-Season Sale

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I pre-purchase and schedule weeks of camp for 2017?

Our camp pre sale is now over. You can purchase camp weeks at our 2017 rate beginning Monday, January 9, 2017.


What VIP perks will I receive with my 2017 camp pre-purchase?

In addition to scoring our biggest per-week savings of 2017, being among the first 1000 families to pre-purchase gives you access to our exclusive two-day VIP registration period in January. That means you can lock in your first choice of locations, dates, themes and/or majors before wait lists start to form.


How long do I have to schedule my pre-purchased weeks of camp?

To secure your first-choice schedule for 2017, we encourage you to take advantage of our VIP registration period in January. However, you’ll have until May 31, 2017, to schedule your specially priced weeks of camp. The purchase value of Pre-Season Sale weeks does not expire—after May 31, you can apply your pre-purchase value toward regularly priced weeks of camp.


Can I sign up for specific dates, locations, themes or majors when I pre-purchase?

Not yet. You can buy (and save on) 2017 weeks of camp through August 31, 2016.

We’re currently working to confirm our 2017 existing and new host school partnerships, and will share those details in January. Please keep in mind that specific locations, dates, themes and majors that were offered in 2016 are not guaranteed for 2017. If you don't see your preferred location listed, you can still purchase weeks now by selecting the "Other/Not-listed" option. If you are unable to find a location that works for you once registration opens in January, you may receive a full refund for your pre-purchased weeks.


What is your cancellation policy? Can I transfer or get a refund for my pre-purchased weeks of camp?

Families that have pre-purchased camp weeks must schedule specific sessions by May 31, 2017, to retain their discount pricing (although the purchase value of Pre-Season Sale weeks does not expire). You can cancel your purchase anytime before you schedule camp. Once you’ve scheduled your weeks, our standard transfer and refund policies apply.

If you purchase multiple weeks now, but don't end up using them all in 2017, you can hang on to them as credit for future summers or you can be refunded for unused weeks. For example, if you purchase four weeks of Camp Galileo now, and only register for two in 2017, you can call customer service after registration to get a refund for the purchase value of the two unused weeks. You can even choose to hang on to all four of those weeks and apply the purchase value towards more innovation in the summers to come. 


How does Pre-Season Sale pricing compare to other promotions that will be offered in 2017?

​While pricing and  promotional offers for 2017 are still being determined, we can guarantee that our Pre-Season Sale prices will be the lowest per-week prices for Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest in 2017.

Extended Care

What if I don't need a full day of extended care?

Our pre-season sale gives you the option to purchase full-day extended care along with your camp weeks at a discounted rate. If you aren't sure whether or not you will need full-day extended care next summer, we recommend waiting to purchase the AM/PM care until you are ready to register your weeks. There is no option to purchase only AM or only PM care with this promotion. 


Offer valid only for first 1,000 families OR until August 31, 2016. Pay $319 per week for Camp Galileo ($389 with AM and PM extended care) and $419 per week for Galileo Summer Quest ($489 with AM and PM extended care). Offer not valid at Summer Camps @ The Tech. Savings limited to first 1000 participating families. No limit on number of weeks. Families that have pre-purchased camp weeks must schedule specific sessions by May 31, 2017, to retain discount pricing. Purchase value of Pre-Season Sale weeks does not expire. 2016 locations and camp session dates, themes and majors are subject to change in 2017. We cannot guarantee first-choice of camp dates, locations, themes or majors after the VIP registration period. Once you've scheduled specific camp sessions, Galileo's standard transfer, cancellation and refund policies apply.