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The White House Recognizes Galileo for Engaging Students in STE(A)M

We are thrilled to be recognized today by the White House at their fifth annual Science Fair for supporting the President’s Educate to Innovate Initiative for our work pioneering new and exciting ways to engage students in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) fields:

  • Direct delivery of STEAM and innovation programming to more than 20,000 students per summer, including over 2,500 low income students.
  • The training of thousands of aspiring and current educators in the Galileo Innovation Approach®, designed to impart the knowledge, mindset, and process skills that young people need to become innovators.
  • The open sharing of Galileo’s approach with schools and non-profit organizations, leveraging Galileo’s success in cultivating creative confidence in children and attracting girls and boys in equal numbers.
  • Working with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education in collaboration with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation on a research project investigating Galileo’s long-term impact on the mindsets and 21st century skills of students.

Throughout our 14 years of experience, we’ve seen first hand what happens when a student’s interest in STEAM fields is ignited. We look forward to continuing our work answering the President’s call to develop the next generation of innovators.

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