Blog: Postcards from Camp

How the GIA Comes to Life @ Summer Camps @ The Tech

At our camps, the Galileo Innovation Approach (GIA) is integral to everything we do. From campers of every age to staffers at every level, Galileans learn to apply an Innovator's Mindset (one that is visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined and reflective), understand Innovator's Knowledge (the ideas, contexts and skills that relate to their work), and use the Innovator's Process (from

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Nebulas (Pre K - K) explore patterns as they create handles for one-of-a-kind bubble wands.

Galileo Summer Quest: Go Kart Builders

Go-Karts campers collaborate  on hood and seat configurations, then get building to turn their designs into rideable realities.

Galileo Summer Quest: 3-D Modeling & Printing

Campers majoring in 3-D Modeling & Printing display some hot-off-the-press creations from a galaxy far, far away.

Galileo Summer Quest: Chefology - International Eats

Chefology campers practice being determined as they take on the most challenging dish of the week, kuku sabzi.

Galileo Summer Quest: Fashion Design

Fashion Design majors refine their visions, then buckle down on the final garmets for their own custom lines.

Galileo Summer Quest: Superhero Day

It's just not Superhero Day without Vending Machine Man.

Galileo Summer Quest: Mod Design with Minecraft

Mod Design with Minecraft campers customize mobs to build in-game showcases to share what they've created.

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Stars (1st - 2nd) wire basic circuits to power spectacular spin art machines that turns simple-looking drawings into eye-opening optical iillusions.

Camp Galileo: Galileo Makers - Toys

Supernovas (3rd - 5th) toy with line, shape and color as they craft kaleidoscopes from mirrors, tubes and their own abstract artwork. Then, campers head outside to test their creations.