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Tax Tips

It's never too early to start planning for 2017—especially if those plans include finding clever ways to save. One such bit of cleverness is setting aside tax-free funds from your FSA to pay for summer childcare (like summer camp, for example). And if you don't have an FSA, you may still be entitled to a dependent care credit to offset your summer care expenses.

Some caveats (income, your kids'

Behind the scenes with our Science Curriculum Manager

The extraordinary people who make up the Galileo HQ aren't just superstars on the job. In fact, we're regularly impressed by their awe-inspiring extracurriculars.

One such Galileo team member, Science Curriculum Manager Lance Akiyama, just inspired our awe by publishing a book called Rubber Band Engineer, a how-to guide for making awesome engineering projects—slingshots, catapults, hydraulic

Oh, the Places Galileans Can Go!

Galileo isn't just an awesome place to spend the summer (although it is a really, really fun place to spend the summer). And it isn't just a camp that turns kids into innovators (although we do that, too). Galileo is also a community of some of the brightest, most passionate people you'll ever meet, from the first grader determinedly wiring his first simple circuit to the veteran staffer who

From inspired idea to crowdfunded reality: A visionary app from a visually impaired camper

Inspiration struck on a long, uncomfortable field trip. Emmanuel Bard, 13 and both visually and hearing impaired, didn't eat all day because he couldn't see the menu displayed behind the counter. Sometimes he can use an iPad or phone to snap a photo and zoom in, but this menu (like many of its kind) was obscured by lighting and impossible to read. "After that trip," Emmanuel said, "I realized

What you may not know about our Minecraft major (and why your kids will love it)

The Minecraft phenomenon is undeniable. With over 100 million registered users and unrivaled popularity, it's nearly impossible to ignore. And whether your kids are already obsessed with it or haven't shown any interest, you might wonder if investing in a week of Minecraft camp is worth your while.  

To get some insider perspective, we talked to Justin Alle-Corliss, the returning Mod Design with

Back for More Minecraft: Why One Summer of Modding Just Isn’t Enough

Minecraft isn't like anything else. It's part computer game and part art project, part technical coding and part pure creativity. And its possibilities are as vast as a big, blocky ocean. But you still might wonder: Why would I send my kid back to Galileo for another session of modding when they just did that last summer?

To answer that question, we got the behind-the-game scoop from Justin

Thanks for a great summer

Dear families,

As the last glue guns, robots and sewing machines return to our warehouse for hibernation, I want to thank you for being part of the Galileo community this camp season.

As I visited camps throughout California this summer, your kids both cracked me up and inspired me. I saw them program Java to modify Minecraft, build vacuum cleaners, customize models of R2D2 using 3-D printers,

How to cultivate creative kids (and why)

CCC's White Paper on Children and CreativityOur friends and frequent collaborators at the Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC) at the Bay Area Discovery Museum recently published an illuminating white paper about inspiring creativity in kids. Using research from over 100 studies, it concludes that there is a set of skills kids can learn to become creative thinkers "whose mindset and problem solving skills will solve today's (and

More than a game: How Minecraft inspires innovation

You've probably heard of Minecraft®—with over 100 million registered users in the US, its influence is hard to ignore. Last summer, we debuted a Minecraft major at one of our camps. We built the class around modding—developing new worlds within Minecraft complete with environments, characters and the rules that govern them—then took it a step further, using modding as a jumping-off point to

The White House Recognizes Galileo for Engaging Students in STE(A)M

We are thrilled to be recognized today by the White House at their fifth annual Science Fair for supporting the President’s Educate to Innovate Initiative for our work pioneering new and exciting ways to engage students in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) fields:

  • Direct delivery of STEAM and innovation programming to more than 20,000 students per summer,