Our staff Loves yOur KIds

There’s a distinct energy that courses through our camps. It’s called joy. And it originates from our insanely dedicated staff.

Our people go through a meticulous (some might say ridiculous) screening process. Those that make the cut are more than just college kids looking for a summer gig. They’re professional teachers, child development specialists, artists, athletes, scientists, software engineers. Plus, our instructors are all college graduates, a standard few summer camps can match.

Our staff greets your kids with inhuman levels of enthusiasm every morning. All day long, they provide them a steady stream of compassion, instruction and inspiration. We are truly in awe of their talent and dedication.

Let us introduce you to a few of them.

Lily deSaussure

After eight years of developing curriculum and creating art with campers at Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest, Lily is thrilled to return for her second year as Camp Director. Lily has loved working with children and young adults since her first teaching job in high school. Recently she taught fine arts at several colleges in the Washington, DC, area. She earned a BFA in painting and drawing from California College of the Arts and the University of San Francisco and an MFA from American University. During the school year, she maintains a studio practice in Oakland and is an interview specialist at Galileo headquarters.

Lia Shepherd

Lia is returning to Galileo for her sixth summer and is honored to jump into her third year as Camp Director of Galileo Summer Quest Fremont. Lia graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and has been working in the field of education ever since. Throughout the year, Lia works closely with middle school-aged kids in Oakland. She is excited to create a camp environment filled with spirit, imagination and the greatest staff you'll ever meet.

Morgan Richardson

Every day, morgan exhorts campers to believe in and pursue their dreams, without compromise. That’s what he’s done. Morgan earned a degree in art from San Jose State. His life is non-stop creative expression - he's been a lead instructor for Galileo, designer of theme park attractions for Great America, painter of fine art canvases and murals, and creator of designer merchandise. He’s also a rock band drummer, and when he brings his kit to camp, everybody bangs their heads.

Raven Ebner

A true renaissance woman, raven is Galileo to the core. She earned two degrees from University of Arizona—one in ecology & evolutionary biology, and another in philosophy. She also paints, does graphic design, makes jewelry, designs clothes and costumes, choreographs dance and performs on the stage. During the summer, she’s lead instructor in our painting studio—and unofficial sign painter—at Galileo Summer Quest.