Innovate alongside da Vinci. Travel to the land down under. Take a rollicking road trip. Uncover the secrets of the human body. Every week, a new adventure awaits.

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Galileo Summer Quest

Manifest your creative vision. Devise a signature dish. Build a custom go-kart. Drop your own music album. Make a high fashion statement. 15 immersive majors. 7 new options in 2014.

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Working for Galileo gives you the chance to be part of something meaningful and ground-breaking. We offer a wide range of opportunities to match your skills, experience and goals.

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At Galileo camps, we teach kids to how to develop an innovator's mindset. This collection of readings takes a closer look at each mindset and offers some food for thought about how to develop them at home.

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Imagine a summer camp your kids love. Where they find themselves engrossed in art projects, science challenges and outdoor activities that make them laugh, think and express themselves with complete freedom. That’s the kind of camp Galileo is. But under the surface, there’s something deeper going on.

Our curriculum team spends thousands of hours developing creatively fertile themes, activities and majors. We interview thousands of applicants to find the most talented counselors and instructors. We combine those two essential elements to introduce kids to a third—an innovation process inspired by the one developed at the Stanford

The result is a summer camp experience kids love, that has a deep and lasting impact they—and you—will begin to appreciate more and more as they develop. On our site, you can learn more about this experience, find all the practical details you’re looking for and sign up for camp.